Friday, July 19, 2024

Breaking!! First case of Coronavirus hits Osun state


In the early hours of today, The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control has announced the case of a coronavirus patient tested positive in the south western state of Osun.

This was tweeted this morning on the official handle. It was also announced that another case has hit the ‘Centre of Excellence’ state which is Lagos and has increased the toll of positive patients to 30 and the total toll figure to 46.

The affected city in Osun state has not been announced but we implore all students and staff of the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife to please take extra precautionary measures and put themselves in self-isolation for some period of time as roughly everyone might have been exposed to a high level of risk of contracting this disease.

Note that with exception to Ondo state, the whole South Western region of Nigeria has already recorded at least a case of this virus and all persons are advised to be extra careful in their daily activities.

With 46 cases identified, 1 dead, 2 recovered and 43 still on treatment, InsideOAUmedia wishes us all God’s divine protection in these hard times.

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