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The unreal correlation of both words form an illusion which triggers a misconception in the minds of those that can’t bear the trauma anymore.
The probability of one’s survival of depression is directly proportional to the person’s ability to handle the situation.
From academic performance to poverty to emotional traumas,etc. there are varieties of depression but the real killer is the manner of approach. The weak minded always find a way to shy away from their problems, the strong willed believe in challenging the issues.
Nonetheless, everyone is vulnerable. What’s the way out? FIGHT; there’s obviously no alternative than to

F- Face your fears: Whatever the challenge may be, it may make you anxious but don’t lose your confidence. Be bold, brave and daring.
I- Interact: Reconnect with the things you love doing. Take interest in new activities and act upon them till you establish a connection. You can even try new hobbies.
G- Get up and fight back: It may knock you off balance but you just have to be strong enough to come back for the challenge.
H- Have a schedule: Depression tends to render one disorganised, making time management difficult. Having a schedule helps you get yourself back in perfect shape to fight back.
T- Talk to someone: Don’t shut people out. Isolation increases the possibility of committing suicide. Having someone you can express yourself to can help reduce worries and lift your spirit. Reaching out and staying connected is very important for your mental growth.

There’s more to life. Depression can be cured so why kill yourself? Suicide doesn’t stop the pain, it only passes it, ruining the lives of others thinking about a world without you in it. Suicude should never be a solution to depression, depression should never be a reason for suicide. Give happiness a chance.

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