Thursday, June 13, 2024



Why does my new friend call?

I’ve just met this friend amidst whatever I’m going through!
Did I tell you I am an orphan, did I tell you I’m victim of men’s pleasure?
Have you ever been locked up for days in the store only to wake up to the mashed rice of yesterday to fill you?
Many things I’ve seen I tell you, Fear is harmless to me and forever it will.
So, my friend whom you can’t see, whispers to me when I’m alone, calls me to come with him.
I say ‘NO’ most times but when I think about it, knowing my life might be wasted and I’ve no purpose.
He still calls me, “Suzy come to my world, just jump through the window”.
Then I know I’m important for him to keep calling him, then I shout to him,
“No, I’ve my life to live and I know I’ll meet better people wherever I’m headed”.
I will be free one day, I feel it at the depth of my guts.
I say no to my friend- Suicide.

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