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If you ask any Nigerian student, they will surely tell you that OAU is one of the toughest universities in the country, hence the respect it gets amongst employers of labour.

However, if you are among the ‘lucky ones’ who got admitted to Great Ife, you should not be dismayed or afraid, you can graduate well and with a good grade. OAU may be tough but there are surely hacks to getting a good grade.

Some of them are;

  1. Set a target: One of the importance of setting targets is that it helps you focus. It helps you channel your energy in the right places. So, if you intend to pursue a good a grade in OAU, it is paramount that you set a target for each course you will be taking for that semester. I am sure you know that it is the grades you get in these individual courses that make up your CGPA. ‘No do pass yourself’ is a mantra you should live by when doing this. You know your abilities and you know how difficult that particular course can be, so you should be wise when you are setting your targets.

  2. Make out a plan: I am sure by now, you are not oblivious of the saying ” If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” So very well, after setting a target, the next focus in line is to make out a plan on how you intend to achieve this desired target of making a good CGPA. Making out a plan after setting targets is one of the keys that will gear your mind to always want to actualize this goal. A well-prepared plan will comprise of how you want to achieve this target; through a well-scheduled reading plan, when to socialize, when to brainstorm, and when to make findings or research on your area of specialization.

  3. Progressive consistency: You might be wondering which one is “Progressive Consistency”. Progressive Consistency is coined out of the phenomenons involved in having good grades at Obafemi Awolowo University. Consistency comes in when you have to be up and doing when it comes to having good grades. The school management or lecturers feast on slacked loopholes. So you have to be consistent with the targeted goals and faithful to the plans to avoid being a delicious fatal meal in the hands of predators. You probably would have heard “it gets tougher as you move” and if you are yet to hear it, very soon, you would.
    Progressive consistency comes in when consistency is not only enough to secure a good CGPA. As it gets tougher, so you have to consistently progress with your targets and plans.

  4. Use your time wisely: ”Time waits for no one” they say. you might be the most organized person in the world but time can be your biggest enemy. Always take time management as one of your greatest priorities on Campus. You have to master how to equally distribute your time among every activity you want to do and don’t give room for procrastination. It might as well be necessary for you to have a scale of preference; do what’s right at the right time and don’t allow frivolities to take your time when you’re supposed to working according to your plan. Learn to never overextend yourself. Asides your academics, you would be asked to join different organisations but it would be a great thing if you choose to focus on the prepared plans you have to reach your goal of getting a good CGPA. Work according to your plans, taking cognisance of time.

  5. Have a routine: As simple as this sounds, it can be very difficult and tricky but it is possible if one is determined. Truth be told, OAU as “tough” as it is, comes with some form of diversity. Asides the academic side, OAU is fun and one always tends to be distracted by either parties, hook ups, hangouts etc. However, with a schedule one can have both the fun part of OAU and still get a good CPGA. Once the discipline of keeping to schedules are met, then a good CPGA is surely possible.

  6. Mingle with the right people: This is probably one of the hardest things to do, because the “right” people can differ in definition for many people, that is, what is right to you might be wrong for someone else. However, it is important to surround yourself with the right people, not necessarily bookworms but definitely not unserious ones. People who make you want to be better, make you want to do better, people that you connect with on a number of levels, not ones that’ll stress you. With these people around, one is sure to be focused and with focus, a good CPGA is for sure.

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