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6 deadlier pandemics than the Corona virus pandemic



In 2019, the first case of corona virus was found in the region of Wuhan 2019, before its worldwide spread infecting millions of people and leaving thousands for dead. It was named Covid19 shortened form of “Corona virus disease of 2019”. it is believed that no human race is immune to thus virus and no confirmed cure by the world health organization has been found. Though some countries Luke Madagascar claim to have found the cure to this virus.
Before the advent of the Corona virus there has been some diseases that have taken the lives of many people in human history and are still even in existence till this day like Cholera, small pox, bubonic plague, HIV/AIDS and so on.

Some key concepts to note;
Bacteria: are microscopic single-celled organisms that thrive in diverse environments like Soil, Ocean, Human gut and so on.

Virus: is a microscopic parasite that can infect living organisms and cause diseases.

Flu: also called Influenza, is a respiratory illness that results from a viral infection.

Epidemic: is a disease affecting many persons at the same time and spreading from person to person in a locality where the disease is not permanently prevalent. It covers only a particular region or community.

Pandemic: is a disease prevalent over a high population, continent or the entire world.

Below are the deadliest pandemics in the world since the 20th century.

The swine flu which originated from Mexico in 2009, before spreading to the rest of the world infected 21% of the world’s population and killed over 500,000 people.

Surprisingly, the virus killed younger people (below 65) rather than the aged population (65 and above), this was quite unusual because most virus and flu pandemics claimed the lives of the aged population but not in the case of Swine flu.


The virus was first discovered in Hong Kong, and within days new cases were already found in other parts of Asia and within months the virus had made its way to Europe and North America.
The virus killed over a million people including 500,000 from Hong Kong.


The virus which lasted for 2 years originated from the Chinese province of Guizhou before moving to other parts of Asia and the united states. The Asian flu like the Spanish flu was believed to have originated in birds, it spread from east Asia to the rest of the world.
Reports from the world health organization reveals the virus claimed approximately 2 million lives.


This is an highly infectious bacteria transmitted via faeces, contaminated water and so on. Reports from the world health organization reveals that there are 1.3 million to 4.0 million cases yearly and 21,000 to 143,000 deaths worldwide. There has also been seven Cholera pandemics in history which claimed multiple lives.

The first Cholera pandemic between 1817-1824, starting in India before affecting other parts of Asia.

The second Cholera pandemic between 1826-1837, which was more rampant in North America and Europe.

The third Cholera pandemic between 1846-1860, which was more rampant in North Africa and South America.

The fourth Cholera pandemic between 1863-1875, starting in India before affecting Naples and Spain.

The fifth Cholera pandemic between 1881-1896, which was rampant Europe, Asia and South America.

The sixth Cholera pandemic between 1899-1923, which was more rampant in Asia and Africa.

The seventh Cholera pandemic between 1961-1975, which was more rampant in Asia and North Africa.


1918 FLU
The 1918 flu though sometimes called the Spanish flu, not because it originated in Spain but because of its eminence in World war I and Spain was the only country being honest about the pandemic rise reports. It was believed to have originated in birds and it infected one third of the world’s population. The Spanish flu also claimed more lives than the weapons of war in world war I, the flu hit hard due to poor wartime nutrition.

It effected over 500 million people and an estimate of 50 million people lost their lives according to the CDC.


The virus which originated in West Africa from animals like chimpanzee has claimed the lives of close to 100 million people since 1981. Currently, millions of people are still living with HIV/AIDS. Though nee treatments for the virus have been developed but there has been no confirmed cure yet.

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