Thursday, May 23, 2024

[EndSARS] The Great Phoenix Rises Again



Just like the way the great Phoenix rises from it’s ashes, OAU aluta spirits as been reawoken. But this time not for yearnings from the school management but from the FG to put to a stop to the police brutality that has plunged the nation.
The OAU student protest which started at the wee hours of Thursday around 10am, convened at the main campus gate of the university (Road 1) followed other protests by youths in other states. The protest which started on Wednesday, October 7, across the country demands an end to the menace of police brutality and harassment of youths by SARS operatives.

The protesters who vouched to keep a peaceful protest had decided to visit the Moore Police Station, the palace of the Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi in Ile-Ife, Osun State and Crown Fm.
They had done that accordingly until they were confronted at Moore Police station with stray bullets and tear gas.
A student of OAU who had joined the protest took to her Twitter handle to describe the situation. In her words “ Moore Police station, Ile Ife chased us with shootings and tear gas! We didn’t even fight, we wanted to talk, nothing more! But they didn’t even allow us to move close, they kept on shooting and releasing tear gas! She further added “ let it be known that, the youths of Ife led a peaceful protest against Sars #EndSarsNow but we’re chased with tear gas and several gun shots by the police at Moore Police Station. Another reminder that Police is our worst enemy…

Another threat from Nigeria Anti Cyber Crime Agency was made to another OAU student protester on the person’s WhatsApp line. The message reads “You have been reported to have posted “End Sars” on your WhatsApp Status and will be getting arrested by your school authority as directed by our agency any moment from now. The protesters had replied with “End Sars”. The handler had replied with “We are tracking you”.
All these shows the intensity of the protest in Ile Ife.

Meanwhile people in other states and industries are also reaching out across their network, encouraging everyone to go out and join the protests. The abuse affects us all, they are saying.
There’s boss Mark Essien enjoining tech CEOs to support the protests. There’s TV host Frank Edoho asking that Nigerian celebrities join in the fight.
Nigerians are also reaching out to international celebrities and media houses, hoping that their influence can force the government to make change. Cardi B, who has been mentioned by several Nigerians, replied to a tweet saying she would do her research.


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