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The Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile – Ife, otherwise called Ogba Femi OR Oba Awon University is really a fun-to-be school. Asides the learning spree, you’ll hear numerous Lecturers tell you that you’re not just at the school to study, but to learn cultural values, hence, the institution’s motto, “For Learning & Culture“.
Apart from having to study hard, there are a number of things that would qualify an individual to be tagged a bonafide graduate of the O.A.U.

Below is a list of MUST-DO activities that will qualify you as an authentic graduate of O.A.U. It is to assert that you passed through the school, and vice versa.

All is just for the fun of it. After all, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.

  1. Stay in school campus
  2. Go for freshmen orientation
  3. Health complex registration
  4. Go for symposium
  5. Attend inductions
  6. Matriculation
  7. Move with clique to hustle convocation/matriculation/ induction rice
  8. Attend freshmen party
  9. ICT training
  10. Attend fellowship’s tutorials as a freshman
  11. Visit the school museum
  12. Watch movie at oduduwa hall
  13. Attend show at amphitheatre
  14. Overnight class
  15. Stab a class
  16. Attend departmental Congress
  17. Watch football matches at sport complex
  18. Copy an assignment
  19. Sign for a fellow coursemate
  20. Pray at religious ground
  21. Hustle for the town-gboro bus
  22. Participate in ARO
  23. Use free intecu
  24. Buy intecu card for use at White House
  25. Cut a queue at an ATM stand
  26. Go for excursions
  27. Visit the school zoo
  28. Go for mountaineering
  29. Queue for AS E DEY HOT
  30. Buy suya in front of ampitheatre
  31. Attend APOKA sing aloud
  32. Went to Anglo-moz
  33. Visit an opposite sex hostel
  34. Read at the chemistry oven
  35. Visit the spider building
  36. Contest for departmental post
  37. Trek from academics to campus gate
  38. Come to school for the purpose of charging your devices
  39. Eat at new Buka
  40. Go to New market
  41. Make noise in the class
  42. Snap in front of health sciences / behind Pharmacy
  43. Use the history museum for photographic purposes
  44. Miss a test
  45. Miss a special elective exam
  46. Attended lectures at amphitheatre
  47. Wrote an exam in ICT COMPLEX
  48. Photocopied notes during lecture free week
  49. Photocopied a whole past question.
  50. Asked your friend the answer in an exam Hall
  51. Complained about your grades to the lecturer
  52. Have your passport snapped at motion ground
  53. Been to the university bookshop
  54. Been to the university library
  55. Had a fight with the town-gboro bus drivers over change
  56. Ate at forks n fingers
  57. Photocopied documents at SUB
  58. Boasted about Oau to your friends
  59. Tried to make riski in your room
  60. Begged other students for votes on Instagram
  61. Squatt with a friend in hall of residence
  62. Watched football matches at Hall of residence
  63. Vowed to finish with a first class honours
  64. Been to staff quarters
  65. Bill your parents/guardians with books or trip fee
  66. Sent out of a class
  67. Snap an uncompleted note with your phone’s camera
  68. Attended inuagral lecture in oduduwa hall
  69. Contested for a departmental award
  70. Criticize your lecturer’s style of teachin
  71. Help a friend to submit an assignment
  72. Been delayed in an exam Hall
  73. Take a deep breath before checking result(s) on e-portal
  74. Been to awovarsity
  75. Overnight at HSLT C
  76. Resumed late for a semester
  77. Stayed in school during vacation.
  78. Attended a school function because of item 7
  79. Chose a special elective because of field trip
  80. Delayed for an exam for not having your ID CARD with you
  81. Been harassed by porters
  82. Had issue with course registration as a fresher
  83. Begged your lecturer for an assignment instead of a test
  84. Slept throughout an overnight class
  85. Prayed to have a E rather than a F.
  86. Had a Saturday class.
  87. Asked your senior colleagues for materials relating to a course.
  88. Called SHANAA by friends
  89. Awarded marks ending with 8 or 9 such as 68, 59 ,39 etc
  90. Scammed by the photocopy vendors as a fresher
  91. Scammed by motorcyclist as a fresher
  92. Stressed out during faculty registration as a fresher
  93. Frustrated by health centre workers
  94. . Heard different tales about Afrika
  95. Always add + x year(s) to the duration of your course of study
  96. Prayed for strike
  97. Have a crush on campus
  98. Entered an exam hall with your phone
  99. Had your personal belongings stolen.
  100. Are you still worthy of screaming GREAT IFE ? Get these things done and have fun in your remaining days at OGBAFEMI!

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