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Catch Them Young (CTY) on OAU Campus


On the O.A.U. Campus, there are lots of ongoing activities – both academic and non academic activities, and all of these put together will spice up your stay there.

‘Catch Them Young’ (CTY) is one of such activities, and it is undoubtedly a nonacademic activity!
The category of individuals you see participating in this are stalites (part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5) students. You’ll see them often at Anglomoz park, the guys of course, starting from 6:30pm, to meet with newly admitted students, basically part 1 girls for relationship stuff.
Although there might be other reasons for a stalite to meet a newly admitted student… It could be to meet their relatives, or to assist them in locating their hostels in a bid to have them attend their fellowship. However, a large number of guys take part in ‘Catch Them Young’ in order to increase their body count. The attention you see some guys giving to this activity ehhnn, it’s as though they were in a money lottery competition.

CTY always starts from the day when freshmen (newly admitted students) resume school and usually lasts for days or even weeks.
The time is 6:30pm each day till late in the night.
Amongst these fresher-girls, there’s usually a large participation because they always want to meet new people, they see it as an avenue for them to start a new relationship, etc. They are always eager to participate because they’re all excited about the new school environment. You know, they are now free from their parents’ /guardian’s watch. On the short run, it always ruins the lives of some of them because they’d started on the wrong note, and with the wrong step.

It might interest you to know that Stalite – freshmen relationships do not usually last long, ’cause the stalite has been long exposed to campus life, all he wants is to have body count with the freshmen. Once that is achieved, he’s set to back off already! He will let go of the lady, and leave her heartbroken.

Well, you could say that it serves her right. This is because freshmen usually do not like to go for their fellow freshmen, as they are always on the look out for stalites.

Interestingly enough, Freshmen to freshmen relationships last longer because both of them just came to campus, they’re both naive about campus life, they want to meet new people, they want to start a new life and want to start a new relationship too.
As opposed to stalites, they do not do the ‘body count’ thing.

Over the years, It’s been observed that some staylites will not even take their bath when going for CTY, all they do is change their clothes and use a nice smelling perfume, while some won’t even take their morning bath until it is time for CTY.

Here’s my advice to newly admitted students… Learn to play it smart and play wise with stalites!

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