Sunday, July 21, 2024

Man proposes to his girlfriend during intense prayer session (Video)


A man seeking a perfectly unexpected moment to pop the four-word question, has surprised his girlfriend by asking her to marry him while she was praying.

In a video which is circulating online, a group of prayer warriors were in the sitting room of a house engaging in an intense prayer session and a man could be seen kneeling down with a ring in his hand.
He knelt close to his girlfriend, getting ready to propose the moment she concludes the prayer.

The prayer was so intense for her that she did not notice her man patiently waiting beside her, but it seems the other people in the room were all part of the plan.
At some point during the session, the lady opened her eyes and saw her boyfriend kneeling down, that was when it dawned on her, and she quickly dashed out of the room with mixed emotions.
Watch the video below:

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