Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Truth about Aso Rock Clinic


A lot of Interesting Development has been taking place in Aso Rock lately.

From rat entering the Presidents office to the time when it was difficult accessing the presidents office.

A lot has Indeed happened!!!

But you will Recall that recently the Senate asked the President to quit his Medical trips.

Not far from that, the permanent secretary has now revealed what we Dont know about the Aso Rock Clinic.

Tijani Umar, permanent secretary made it known that 1.3bn approved for villa Clinic is too small.

He made the Statement on Thursday after defending the Senate Committee on Federal Character and Intergovernmental Affairs state.

According to him, when you compare the Clinic to others around the world, it is Near to what we need.

He also said this is important because the president is not someone who should be taken out every time he is ill.

Could this be the reason why the president has been taken Abroad everytime he is ill?

Is 1.3bn too small for the Aso Rock Villa?

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