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Five (5) Best Places to Stay Off-Campus


While a lot of students struggle to get a bed space in one of the Halls on the O.A.U. Campus, other students prefer to stay off-campus for reasons best known to them. Some claim that they prefer staying alone, others say they’re not comfortable with the ‘hostel life‘, some weren’t lucky enough to be allotted a bed space, amongst many other reasons.

Well, if you’re an O.A.U. Student, and you’re thinking of getting an apartment off-campus, this post is for you. If you’ve been off-campus, but you wish to change your location, this post is for you too. Students of course seek apartments where there’s constant electricity supply, enough water and easy access to transportation.

Below is a list of 5 Best places to comfortably stay off-campus.

1. Maintenance Hostel:

Maintenance is a set of female hostels just after the school gate, with its main gate facing Ede road. Adjacent these hostels, just inside the school compound, is the O.A.U. Maintenance department, hence, where the area got its name.

With its tight security, good light and easy access to water, this area ranks high amongst the places you should stay if you were to be a female student not lucky to get a bed space on campus.

Although it is expensive, living in these hostels will afford you the opportunity of being in proximity or inside the school compound. You barely have to drag for buses, moreover, the transport fare is cheap. It also affords you the ease of shopping as there is a marketplace close by, and almost all students’ necessities are well stocked, though at high prices.

Broke O.A.U. guys should however beware of ladies in these hostels as they come with high maintenance. If you know you know!

2. Campus Gate:

This is the area right after the Campus gate, as well as opposite. Staying in this area is a bonus. You want to stay alone, right? You don’t like the disturbance(s) attainable in the Halls on Campus, isn’t it? Then you should get an apartment at the Campus gate. All you need do is to take a few steps to the main gate and board a bus going in; it’s as simple as that. No stress!

Apart from its easy access to transportation, there’s usually constant electricity supply as they generate electricity from the main Campus. What about water? There’s of course enough water at the area. What else is needed? Oh, you can easily visit the bazaar close by, and all is sorted. Perhaps you’re in search of an apartment very close to the campus, this is one for you. Check it out!

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3. AP:

While this location might seem to be a ‘razz’ choice, it is actually one of the best places to stay asides the school hostels.

A little bubbling student ghetto it is. It is the area closest to giving students the experience they would have gotten on campus.

Sometimes tagged the Ajegunle of O.A.U., AP has however been one of the best places students can reside in Ife, with its cheap hostels, proximity to the main road, cheap transport, considerable electricity and access to water, ease of getting essentials, and even communion with other students. Most of the population of O.A.U. students living in town reside here.

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4. Mayfair:

Mayfair, the area on the Ife/Modakeke cross road, has proven to be one of the most heavily resided places in Ife.

Only a busy commercial bus stop, it is connected to many other adjoining areas. Mayfair can be regarded as the center of students’ interaction off campus. The bus stop connects to areas such as Omole Estate, Parakin, Ede road, Ibadan road, AP, and a host of others. It is the main bus stop where students’ traffic is dispersed, and also the axis where Ife traffic empties into. This position is further engineered by the ‘towngboro’ drivers who will refuse to go as far as after Mayfair and ultimately AP on busy days.

No stranger to long queues and large crowds of students, the bus stop is notoriously renowned for ruggedness, dirty fights and tussle for buses. Nonetheless, it helps in inculcating the Ife spirit into you. So when next you want to get an hostel, you can as well get one around Mayfair to have a feel of campus, off-campus.

5. Oduduwa Hostel:

One among the few best places to stay off campus is Oduduwa Estate, situated alongside Moro road. The reason it is one of the best places to stay off-campus isn’t far fetched.

Oduduwa Estate boasts of its proximity to campus gate. It might interest you to know that it’s less than a 5mins steady walk to the main campus gate. Asides its proximity factor, it’s one of the few places off-campus with a stable and sustainable power supply that lasts for about 15 – 18 hours daily.

Living in Oduduwa Estate gives you a sense of security, it’s a wide enclosed area with security gates at all its entrances. Also, being a student area, all sorts of groceries, materials, gaming centres are provided for.

There’s never a dulling moment in Oduduwa Estate, so if you are house hunting, Oduduwa Estate should be a considerable pick for you.

In relation to the areas prescribed above, the choice of where to stay is yours to make.
You’ll agree with me that where you stay, the comfort you get there, also contributes to the kind of grades you’ll get in your courses. Well, you might not agree with me on that, but that I know…You should choose right!


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