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Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife is arguably one of the best universities in Nigeria. Located in the ancient town of Ile-Ife, Osun state.

O.A.U is endowed with beautifully erected architectural structures, great lecturers, educational facilities and many more. Even with these amazing qualities, O.A.U is one of the most over hyped schools in Nigeria. Below are the 4 reasons O.A.U is over hyped ;

  1. Most Beautiful Campus : ‘Africa’s most beautiful campus’ is every O.A.U students’ favorite line of the school anthem. It’s an indisputable and established fact that O.A.U campus is quite beautiful. However, this could change very soon with the way the school’s maintenance policy is very poor. In no time, the fine structures may dilapidate and the beauty will be gone. That aside, there are quite a number of schools that are way more beautiful than O.A.U.
  2. Hall of residence : O.A.U halls of residence is meant to be top notch with the kind prestige she acquired over the years. Sadly, reverse is the case, as the hostels found in O.A.U are nothing to write home about. Bugs, rats, poor water supply, high ratio of room occupants and many more are the problems faced by students staying in the school’s hostels.
  3. Health’s center : This is the school’s clinic formally called the Health Center by all and sundry. O.A.U health center is known for its poor management and inadequate operational services. There are times students diagnosed with typhoid are given paracetamol and vitamin C. This is a slap on the school management.
  4. Lecture theatres : One should expect O.A.U lecture rooms to be as beautiful as the school’s campus. Sadly, the lecture theatres face quite a number of challenges such as broken chairs and tables, faulty electricity connections, bad ceiling fans, poor lightning etc. Lecture rooms found in O.A.U are not conducive for learning process.

A school facing these problems still ranked one of the best shows how poor Nigeria’s educational sector has become. A lot should be done to revive our nation’s education system.

Do you think there are other reasons O.A.U doesn’t worth the hype, drop them in the comment box below.

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