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The Nigerian film industry is graced with quite a number of handsome men. These men are not just handsome but also successful. They are very attractive and as sexy as hell. Your babe can leave you for any of these men, trust me, I’m talking from experience…lmao. Well, dont let me bore you with how my bae left me for this hot male actor…hahaha

When we are talking of handsome, sweet, hot , give their beauty any adjective that comes into your head, these actors are all you are looking for. If you are a guy, make sure you are not reading this post alongside your babe, so you won’t end up “bae-less” like me.

Below are the top 6 most handsome Nigerian actors

Bolanle Ninalowo : Ninalowo is a Nigerian actor and film producer. This dude clocked 40 in the first half of the year. Nino, as he is also called, is a successful actor who have bagged quite a number of awards for his prolific and amazing acting career. Bolanle is a total specdamn! Bobo yii fine abegg. He’s our Nollywood Dwayne Johnson. Bolanle is tall, muscular, light skinned, handsome, in short he’s all your boo wants to look like. His number 1 asset is his huge and muscular look. He always has a very low afro haircut and this amazing beard. Anti!!!…before you start salivating and thinking of eating him like he’s a sort of meat, wait let me give you spoiler.. Bolanle is married to a beautiful young woman and blessed with kids.

Bolanle Ninalowo

Alexx Ekubo : Alex Ekubo-Okwaraeke is a Nigerian actor and model. He was first runner up at the 2010 Mr Nigeria contest. Alex is well-known for his playboy roles in movies. He plays the role so well that I do wonder if he is a playboy in reality. You love your guy to be tall, have chiseled abs, beards geng, pink lips, my dear search no more – Alex is all you are longing for. Well, I have got some good news this time, Alex is not married yet and there is no record a girlfriend.

Alex Ekubo

Folarin Falana : popularly known by his stage name, Falz, is a Nigerian rapper, songwriter and actor. This is our very president of the Sweet Boys Association. Folarin is the first and only Nigerian musician to be a recipient of AMVCA. Falz is outspoken, brave, charming and funny. Falz is always wearing a glasses with no lens, but damn! He’s smoking hot. Falz is 30 and still very single.

Folarin Falana

Ramsey Nouah : Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah Jr is a Nigerian actor and director. Ramsey will be 50 this December, but he still looks so young. From his curly hair (supposedly got that from his Isreali dad), pink lips and sexy accent, he is so good looking. Oops! My bad .. did I tell you that he’s half-cast. So, help me inform that sis that wants to marry a white to go for Ramsey. He is happily married, but if you play your cards right, he can be your zaddy…lol

Ramsey Noah

Joseph Momodu : do you remember that hot dude from Simi’s joromi music video? Joseph Momodu is that guy from the video with an athletic body and sexy abs. Joseph, popularly called joromi is also an actor and a model. Y’all will agree with me that Joromi got a sexy smile. He is 6.3 tall, dark skinned and also muscular. If you love dark guys, biko rush Joseph.. he is the total package.

Joseph Momodu

Kunle Remi : Oyekunle Opeyemi Oluwaremi is a Nigerian actor and model. Remi was the winner of our favorite Gulder Ultimate Search in 2010. Kunle is handsome, stylish and always appear stunning whenever he comes up on the tv screen. He’s well-known for his role in TINSEL (Africa m-net tv show on Africa magic) and in the movie FALLING in 2019. Kunle is dark skinned, tall, hot, muscular and bountiful in finesse .

Kunle Remi

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