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Housemates – Life After the BBN Lockdown Show


Housemates – Life After the BBN Lockdown Show

Big Brother Naija (BBN) Season 5, also known as Big Brother Naija: Lockdown was the fifth season of the Nigerian version of the reality show ‘Big Brother’. It premiered on the 19th day of July, 2020 on Africa Magic, and the Live feed on DStv channel 198; and GOtv channel 29.
Ex-housemate, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu from season one returned as host of the Show.

The show lasted for 71 days, and catered for 20 housemates who got evicted in batches. However, the Winner turned out to be Olamilekan “Laycon” Agbeleshe who won ₦85 million worth of prizes, and his Runner-up, Dorathy Bachor.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a virtual audition was held to select contestants for the show. Video submissions were received from 20th May to 30th May, 2020. During the submission, interested contestants submitted a two-minute video stating why they should appear on the show. At the end of the online audition, over 30,000 contestants showed interest. Of the 30,000 contestants that showed interest, 20 Housemates were selected.

At the course of the Show, there were all sorts of events, games, and all. Meanwhile, this year’s season was not without fights amongst Housemates. At different times during the show, Housemates did have their quarrels, be it big or small.

Upon completion of the Reality Show, the expectation of the Housemates and their fans is that they grow large, get endorsements, etc. However, some of the Housemates have yet to get any endorsement. But this has not stopped them from making moves to begin their personal businesses as they’ve all been brought to the limelight.

A good number of them have begun to pursue their dream/goals. For some it’s Music, for some it’s Fashion, amongst others. Many of them have also become ambassadors for different brands, but the fact still remains that they’re all doing fine, as greater accomplishments await them in the nearest future.

Below is a write up on each housemate, tracing their engagements before, during and most importantly, after the BBN Lockdown Show, which is the Crux of putting this article together.

  1. LAYCON: Laycon was the winner of the 5th edition of Big Brother Naija. Before going into the House, he was and is a rapper who released his EP “Who is Laycon”, weeks before entering the House. According to Laycon, he decided to go for Big Brother Naija with the sole aim of promoting his EP not knowing he will emerge as the winner. He caught the attention of the viewers right from the day the housemates were unveiled because of his petite frame, and his clothe which had light on it. He went on to show the whole of Africa that he is intelligent and loveable, as well as patient and talented. He broke major records in the Big Brother History, some of which are:

a. Being the first housemate ever to reach 1million followers while in the house. He got here a week to the finale.
b. He won the show with a whooping 60% of the total votes cast in the finale. This has never happened before.
c. Big Brother Naija 5, had a total votes of 900million cast for the entire season, with 400million of the 900million votes, belonging to Laycon.

After the show, many people thought Laycon would not get any ambassadorial deal, endorsement or partnership, but the opposite turned out to be.
Laycon has partnered with Oppo phones (one of the ten leading phone manufacturers in the world in terms of sales), and the hash tag OPPO X LAYCON became a trend on Twitter. He went on to sign ambassadorial deals and endorsements with GOTV, Fresh mint, Orijin, etc. He was also made an Ambassador for the youth in his state of origin (Ogun State). He recently revealed that he is putting things in place for his show titled “I am Laycon” which will be shown on Showmax. Laycon has always been a Musician cum Rapper, and he has continued even after the Show. He has released two songs, and featured in DJ Neptune’s hit “Nobody”
Things are working really great for Laycon, and he is indeed a true definition of GRACE. He has a die hard ‘army’ of fans known as ICONS. His real name is Lekan Agbeleshebioba.

  1. DORATHY: Her real name is Dorathy Bachor. She turned out as the 1st runner up of the Show which came in as a big shock to the whole of Africa. It was largely expected that Nengi, her fellow housemate would take that position. However, her loyal fans known as ‘D exploras’ were able to get their Queen to Top 2. Dorathy brought into the House, a lot of fun moments. She propounded the “with my full chest” slang which gained rounds in the social media space. People got attached to Dorathy right from the first day, perhaps, because of her physical appearance, as we all can see very glaringly, how endowed she is.
    Dorathy has started bagging deals. In fact, while she was yet in the House, she already bagged a deal with Mapia Tea. She signed endorsements with Mapia Tea, Vsp – botanies, and now she recently got a deal with a printing company. Apart from these, Dorathy has her own business called “Shop for me”, an online shop that helps people get things on their behalf. She alongside, Neo, a fellow finalist, were recognized by the Governor of their state.
  2. NENGI: The significant half of the Ozone duo, Nengi Rebecca Hampson, came out as the 2nd runner up of the show. Before going into the House, she was a beauty Queen representing Bayelsa. Whilst in the house, she was most times found with guys, because according to her, she feels girls are full of envy. She found herself in an entanglement with Ozo who always professed his love for her. Nengi while the House was definitely the Alpha female because she was highly competitive when it came to tasks. The show started with her being the Head of House, and ended with her as the same.
    After the House, she has gotten endorsement deals from Pay porte, Jenny’s Glow, etc. She is also the CEO of shoes by Flora, a business that sells unique beautiful shoes. She has a huge fan base known as ” Nengi Ninjas” or “Ninjas”. She was also named as the face of Bayelsa.
  3. ERICA: Erica Ngozi Nlewedim. She has been an actress right before coming into the House. She got the attention of viewers because of her cheerful nature and intoxicating smile. She also got into nasty confrontations, leading to her disqualification. She fought with Lucy, poured water on Prince’s side of the bed, and insulted Laycon, calling him Ugly and a drumstick. She was in a relationship with fellow housemate, Kiddwaya. In the history of BBN, it is believed that housemates with bad attitudes usually go far in the House, as they are seen as Vibey. It happened to Ceece, TBoss, Tacha and Erica.
    After the House, Erica has been able to bag deals, disqualification doesn’t mean the end of the world. She has simply turned her disqualification into qualification, maybe she was inspired by BBN 4 housemate, Symply Tacha who was disqualified for fighting Mercy who eventually turned out to be the winner of the Show. After the Show, Tacha got a minimum of 14 endorsements and her Fashion line which sold out immediately.
    Erica got endorsed by Kukus hair, Star Radler and Legend. This is just the beginning, and we know she is taking over the world soon. Her loyal flood of fans are known as Elites who have showed her support time and time again. After her disqualification, a ‘go fund me’ account was opened for her with the aim of saving $100,000. This was however achieved.
  4. KIDDWAYA: The son Billionaire, Terry Waya, is a fitness enthusiast who went to BBN for fun and came out with a huge fan base known as “Waya dem Gang”. In the house he was free with everyone, and had a fling with Erica.
    After the House, Kidd has been traveling, and he recently signed a deal with an Alcohol brand, Ciroc. He is presently touring Sierra Leone with his love interest, Erica, and we are loving every bit of it. He signed deals with Eko Hotels & Suites, as well as a Microfinance Bank.
  5. OZO: Real name is Ozoemena Chukwu. Ozo is the ‘fine boy’ of this season. He is loved for his calm and mature behaviour. However, he has been criticized for persistently going after Nengi after she had told him that she wasn’t interested. Some saw his persistence as love, while others saw it as stupidity. The height of it was when Ozo was disqualified and was still expecting a kiss from Nengi which he didn’t get. This sparked reactions on social media, hence, causing his name to trend with the word ‘fool’.
    After the House, Ozo has been doing well too. He became brand ambassador for Jenny’s Glow and recently became the manager of Juventus in Nigeria. Rumors have it that his salary is $2.4million; how much will that be when converted to Naira? Stupid or not stupid, Ozo is making serious cash. He was recently awarded 1million naira with Nengi by the Ozone shippers. His fans are known as Superions.
  6. PRINCE: Prince Enwerem Nelson is really loved for his sweet dance steps, and his ability to make hair for both genders. He was initially in love with Nengi, but she had no affection for him, causing him to shift attention to TolaniBaj, but the relationship with TBaj eventually ended in the house. He became close friends with Dorathy in the House, and the duo are still close outside the House, giving us couple vibes. Their fans even went as far as forming the Prido ship.
    After the House, he got endorsement deals with Guiness and Vsp Botanics. His army of fans are known as “Royal Army”.
  7. LUCY: Lucy got into tons of fights in the house. From Nengi to Erica, to Kidd, Ozo and even Prince. Many people actually thought she would get zero deals, but Lucy is bagging deals ‘like mad’. She also has a business she runs known as Luciana’s grill where she sells grilled fish, Barbeque, etc. She got an endorsement with a Real Estate company and Get fit.
  8. LILO: She got evicted on the first week of eviction, and she has stayed relevant till today. With a following of over 700k on Instagram, it shows that she is a force to reckon with. She has signed an ambassadorial deal with a skincare brand known as Rixari.
  9. NEO: He got to Top 5, coming as a shock to everyone. After the House, Neo got an ambassadorial deal with Orijin and was also honoured by the Governor of his state.
  10. VEE: She also got to the finale, and did not ‘let anybody hear word’ because she got to the finale. After the House, she was subject to insults & mockery for not getting endorsements, but she has handled her haters like a pro. She recently became an ambassador for a Skincare brand. Her fans are known as ‘Vee hives’
  11. PRAISE: Praise was really active in the House. After the house, he got an endorsement with Dainty Cosmixs, a skincare brand. He also promotes speedy weight loss. His fans are known as Cararmies
  12. TOLANIBAJ: Back in the House, she was a free and spirited human being. After the House, she got back to back deals with Payporte, Royal hairs and then Jenny’s Glow. Her fans are known as TForce
  13. BRIGHTO: He was also loved for his sweet dance moves, and after the House, he got not just endorsement deals, but was also called to feature in a movie.
  14. KA3NA: Ka3na the bosslady! The self acclaimed Boss Lady is a fashion designer who has her own brand known as Amour Ka3na. She is a great influencer, and many brands are trooping for her to endorse their product.
  15. WATHONI: Wathoni Anyasi is half Kenyan, half Nigerian. Right from the House, she has shown that she is a mother and she was as well quiet. Before getting into the House, she had a blog which wrote on Parenting. She also recently published a Book on Parenting. After the House, she has gotten endorsements, one of which is Beautiful Body, a skincare brand. She also released a merch for her fans called ‘boo’d up gang’
  16. ERIC: Eric Oshiokhai is a fitness enthusiast. He is mostly remembered for how voracious he was while he was in the House. He was in an entanglement with Lilo, but after the House, they both parted ways. While in the House, he told Big Brother that he would like to establish an NGO. He also has a Business page on Instagram called Oshiokhai brand. He promotes Oju by Sapphire.

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