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Top 5 most recent buildings in OAU


Buildings in OAU are second to none. Amazing architectural designs, beautiful paintings, wonderful artworks are reasons why OAU buildings stand out. In recent years the school’s management has decided to even embark more on the erection of new structures.

In no particular order these are the most recent buildings in OAU.

1. EDM

Most recent buildings in OAU

The recent building of the Faculty of Environmental Design and Management was finished in the early days of 2019. This replaced the old Faculty of EDM. Which has been in existence since the 1970s behind the Faculty of Agriculture which gives way to the staff quarters of the University.

A total of 7 departments which includes; Architecture, Building, Estate Management, Fine Arts, Quantity Surveying, Urban and Regional Planning and Surveying and Geoformatics are what make up the Faculty. The old building is still as much in use as the new one.

The new EDM building is approximately said to be the longest building in West Africa and even beyond because of its amazing length. The inner structure is awesome despite the inclusion of laboratories, offices, and lecture theatres.

In all, the new EDM building is a place to sought out if you want to experience the beauty of OAU. Its stunning and amazing, the look will always bring you back starring in awe of the building.


The new Law Library is located between the Social Sciences car park and the new “moot and mock” court beside the First bank lecture theatre.

The construction of the building started in 2015 but was not completed and opened for use until 2019.

The former Law library was just a section of the University’s Hezekiah Olusanmi’s library. Being a faculty, it was important for it to have a separate library detached from the University’s.

One of the core requirements for full accreditation of a Law degree programme by the Nigeria University Commission(NUC), is a well-resourced faculty library. This partly explains the new Law library project, which since its completion remains a very beautiful and comfortable place to read. The entrance and interior of the building is a beauty to behold.

The library is strictly for Law students, but students from other faculties sometimes disguise as Law students to be able to have access to the library’s resources and conducive environment.

Testimonials from Law students show that the new library is more equipped than the former. It is stocked with more books, journals, and other up-to-date legal reviews.

Although the Library closes by 4pm, electricity is supplied to the building 24 hours a day.
The reading hall/room is attractive and appealing because it is well-spaced. It also has well functioning AC as well as water dispensers for interested users of the library.

Without mincing words, the new Law library (both in structure and resources) is a benchmark for what a standard Law library should be.


Most recent buildings in OAU

The department of music in OAU is one of the liberal arts department that came out of African Studies in the late seventies, was established in 1976.

The department building is one of the newly built departments located at the far end of the academics, opposite admin extension building. Its former building used for the department, was located at the old site for school market. But it was moved to it’s new building which is a 3-storey building with many offices in it and lecture rooms.

The new building gives large space for practice and pratical lectures.

The department offers the following studies for bachelor of Arts in Music;
-Western, Jazz and traditional instruments performance.
-Choral conducting, theory, composition
-Music Education
-Church music
-Music Production and management
And also offers programmes for post graduate studies.


Most recent buildings in OAU

One of the newly built structures of the university. It holds it unique beauty in its simplicity yet brilliant structures.

The building is situated beside music department and also adjacently, 1000 seaters.

It is one of the widely used buildings by students due to its closeness to residents area and its awesome lighting.

The sofas made available in the building are very comfy ones that aides good sitting posture.

Admin Extension should be your next stop if you want a comfortable place to have a good read.


Most recent buildings in OAU

The Skye bank computer centre located on the outskirts of the OAU Academics is one of the newest buildings in the school.
Commissioned in July/August, 2013, by the CEO of Skye bank Nigeria limited(now Polaris Bank), Mr Kehinde Durosimi-Etti

The building is worth a mouth-watering 450million naira and its installations and equipments when added to the cost of the building amounts to a staggering 600 million naira.

The building houses one of the most ultra modern equipment owned by an African University and is now used for conducting CBT exams.

There’s still construction of a lot of new buildings in progress, especially, the new senate building. Which takes the form of a ship.

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