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5 Things Normal in O.A.U. But Unusual Elsewhere


Before we delve into the subject of discussion, O.A.U. Students, does this poser resonate with you?

Part 1: First class or nothing
Part 2: 2 – 1 is not that bad shaa
Part 3: E be like say 2 – 2 naa the way oooo
Part 4: I just want to graduate with my set

Reading was never the problem, passing was!!

Now, to the reason for which we’re here…

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your characters; watch your characters, they become your destiny”.

From the foregoing, it can be deduced that when some things stay too long with us, they eventually become a ritual / tradition. In O.A.U., there are some actions or activities that seem to be normal daily activities, but unusual / unacceptable in other institutions.

In this article, I will share with you five things normal only in O.A.U., if you are students at O.A.U., you can verify them.

SAFE MOVEMENT AT NIGHT: A typical night in O.A.U. is usually busy, although definitely not as busy as during the day. You’ll usually see students as early as 1am – 3am around on Campus, some are probably returning from a night class, some have come to get some ‘risky’ for a bit of strength to carry on with their overnight reading – Me wondering if taking ‘risky’ for dinner is really worth the risk (Oh! That wonderful feeling when you’re coming from Academics at 3am and you find out that Seun Risky hasn’t closed), while some being jobless may just decide to take a stroll to somewhere as far as the Faculty of EDM. You can imagine how safe the Campus is – that’s when you see some people loving up at AngloMoz or Motion ground. 

Non- O.A.U. Students reading this article are probably in awe… Well, there is no fear of being attacked. This tells you how potent the security system is in O.A.U. as opposed to other Varsities where your safety is not guaranteed even during the day.
Can your Institution of learning boast of security? Come one, put your hands together for the O.A.U. Security department!

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ARO: If you’re not an O.A.U. Student, you must be wondering what ‘Aro’ is. Aro, otherwise referred to as whining is peculiar to O.A.U. Students – it’s like the blood running in our veins.

Every student of O.A.U. either present or past definitely has a strain of it in them, but if you seek to see the height of it, just get yourself to be at the Awo Hall of Residence, you’re in for it! If you’ll be getting involved, just ensure you’re not on the wrong side as you might end up in premium tears.
Can you find this elsewhere? I tell you, it’s only in O.A.U.

PS: If you’re a Celebrity and you’ll be having a Show at Amphi, please make sure to ‘dóbalé’ to Awo boys prior to your Showtime, if not, your show go scatter ooooo

BATS: I’m very sure you’re laughing out loud right now! O.A.U. Students can always relate. It’s no News that on the O.A.U. Campus, Bats coexist with students and it has even become more extenuating; I mean, it is now even worse and more severe. You’ll always find Bats around both during the day and at night.

OK… Let’s say you are asked to tell the world that you’re a student at O.A.U. without saying you’re a student at O.A.U., you could easily say that you live with Bats. I think that makes it more explanatory (Laughs).
Overtime, certain myths have been developed stating that the population of Bats on the O.A.U. Campus corresponds with the exact population of students. It’s an hilarious one though.

Sometimes ago, a Babcock student posted a tweet stating that they saw a flock of Bats in their school compound and called it ‘a strange happening’, the student posted a picture of a flock of Bats with a caption which says ‘strange things are now happening in Babcock, bats flying in daylight’. This sparked a reaction within the O.A.U. community twitter who posited that having Bats fly around, even during the day is a normal thing and that in fact, they have been able to peacefully coexist with the birds infamous for dropping poos on their favourite clothes. The memories with Bats is sure an indelible experience for O.A.U. Students, especially those who live in the Halls of Residence.

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The Architectural masterpieces in O.A.U. are not only mind blowing, but also peculiar to the O.A.U. Campus when compared with other Varsities even in the whole of Africa. I’ve had friends from other institutions visit me on Campus and the submissions they all gave about the school’s structure was Wow! They all saw these masterpieces as mouth savouring, suggesting that they don’t have such on their Campus, and that they’ve never come across such. I mean, for them to be that surprised. Little wonder O.A.U. was tagged “Africa’s most Beautiful Campus”.

Well, they were designed by Arieh and Edgar Sharon. In case you don’t know what the school looks like, all you need do is go download Kunle Afolayan’s Citation (2020) Movie, sit back and watch as the architectural beauty of the Alma mater is well depicted in it. These kind of buildings can only be found nowhere but at Ogba Femi. It’s the normal thing for us, and it’s unusual elsewhere.
Did I hear fellow O.A.U. students say OPG? Raise your voices, let U.I. Students hear you!!


As a line in the school’s anthem suggests, “Aluta against all oppression”, you’ll usually see O.A.U. Students showcase their Aluta spirit at the slightest form of oppression.

Oh! Let there be power outage and the school management doesn’t resolve the issue in two hours, you’ll see O.A.U. Students in their good number already protesting.
Of the greatest gba gba! Of the greatest gbo gbo!!

One of my Lecturers who also graduated from O.A.U. shared the experiences he had during their own days… The Aluta took them home for almost a year after they had destroyed school properties; upon resumption, students continued their protests and were sent home again… Such saddening story, especially for FYBs at the time. That Aluta spirit is inbuilt, even after graduation, it’s still very active. Naa O.A.U. Students be that.
Abi is there Aluta spirit innate amongst students in your school? (Non- O.A.U. Students)

All of the activities and stuff listed above are all peculiar to O.A.U. Yeah? If you’ve got any more activities peculiar to O.A.U. or any contributions at all, do share with us in the comments section below.

Thanks for coming along with me.

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