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6 best places to have a photoshoot in OAU


Trending in recent times is the photo session of birthday celebrants before their big day, this is more commonly known as a Pre-Birthday Shoot. Luckily for OAU students, the beautiful scenery of the African Most Beautiful Campus, Obafemi Awolowo University, has helped suppress the charges of a photo studio as the environment is endowed with outstanding scenics.

If you are an OAU student longing to have a top notch photoshoot, all you need is a good camera and strike a graceful pose at any of the following places:



Natural Museum, OAU

You must have heard about Africa’s most beautiful campus and really want to explore it, try the only natural museum in Nigeria right here at Obafemi Awolowo’s University and have a feel of the beauty.
OAU’s natural museum is one of the most beautiful buildings in OAU. The sight of the building is breath taking and also a great place for tourists to visit. The building serves as a good place for a photoshoot because the ambience from the outside, down to the wonderfully endowed interior is amazing.

Natural historical museum, OAU

The building’s exterior will leave you in awe with how fascinating it looks. The exterior of the building drives your attention to it from a distance, and will definitely be used a great background for pictures and videos.

The interior of the building showcases a lot of amazing artworks, artifacts and fossils which makes the museum very attractive and beautiful.
It is indeed an amazing sight to behold.



Health Sciences, OAU

Medical students in OAU are generally known to be serious in their disposition and ardent in their reading habit. Only a few people will think that Health Science and wonder-gazing can be merged, but the college’s building proves it to a convincing point. The buildings were designed in the 70’s by James Cubitt Architectures and they reflect the evergreen style of the same company.

There is so much wonder in the building arrangement and structure that seem to remind the religious mind of the first day again.

Beautiful pictures of OAU | InsideOAU Media
College of health sciences, OAU

A melting blend of the bustle of typical health stations and green static nature of divers forms will bless any soul who cares to notice. Not to forget the painters who did a good job, painting such building requires a high level of expertise.
Coupled with the captivating environment, the serene environment makes a perfect place to have a memorable photoshoot.



Golden Jubilee Garden, OAU

Afterall you haven’t fully grasped the scenic and monumental structure of the OAU campus gate,you will as a first timer be once again taken aback by the breathtaking Golden Jubilee Gardens just inside Ogbafemi.

Located just after the OAU campus gate,the park is one of the hottest places for lovers to hangout on campus while also being a photoshoot hotspot. Its serenity is sharp in contrast to the hustle bustle just at the other side of the OAU gate has contributed a lot to it’s ambience.

Golden Jubilee Garden, OAU

Nature lovers will also find this place fascinating as it contains all shades of green and it also contains a local joint for flexing. So when next you are looking for a good photo location in Ife,do not hesitate to pick Golden Jubilee Gardens.




Seated in a very strategic location between the Agricultural building and OAU’s mountain.

One of my very favorite places for a photoshoot should undoubtedly be the old EDM building.


From the landscape to the beautiful monuments of art mounted around the area, Old EDM hands down makes top of my list.

Without even having plans for a professional photo shoot, this is one place that would always draw you in to take a quick snap even with just your phone lenses.

Take a quick snap on the bonnet of the tiny yet colorful car or capture a timeless moment beside the iconic Obafemi Awolowo statue, trust these snaps would come out looking beautiful and exquisite.



Motion Ground, OAU

Motion Ground as the name connotes is a ground in motion. People are always seen passing through the area and at times pausing to take a few beautiful shots.
Motion Ground is an open place that is beautifully structured and spacious enough for the extras you may need to produce those excellent shots.

Motion ground, OAU

Mostly, if not all students will attest to have taken pictures from here and described how wonderful it came out. However, if you’re among the few that haven’t, be assured that this spot is worth trying.

Here, you will find the perfect lighting and theme you prefer, be it sun-kissed, windy, to mention but a few.

Therefore, when considering where to take amazing pictures, try out Motion Ground.



Front of English department, OAU

The front of the English Department is another spot where photo shots are taken. Here, people have the option of choosing whatever background they want. You’ll find a bed of flowers neatly planted and shaped creatively at one side. Also, there are cemented all-round sitting areas with flowers beautifully placed at the center.

Front of English department, OAU

In addition to these, are walls adorned with pictures of past VC’s and scholars in an underground semi-arc basement beside the department.

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