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12 things Aspirants should be warned about before they pick OAU


Dear OAU aspirants, especially you that you are doing agidi that you must be a Great Ife,this is for you. Don’t say we didn’t tell you when you start witnessing these things firsthand in Ogbafemi.

OAU is only fine on paper,it’s not fine at all in reality o,you will read till your ancestors beg you to stop

in fact people run mad from reading here o

Don’t say we didn’t tell you that you will drag towngboro bus o

Lets see how you will come to class early if you no rough am

Those change you leave with Iya Shaki in your street and return a month later to collect. Don’t try it in Ife o,just forget about it after 10 hours

A whole pepsi/viewing centre money gone,just like that!!

You that you are ajebo and can’t stand insults,how will you survive OAU Aro bayi

Just dey your day,if they call you mumu,answer with Yes sir! Let God fight for you

OAU students love Aluta o,you still want to come

Their wahala too much… Let them just reinstate Student Union

You this lady that love money,OAU guys no get money o

Na only packaging and beans dem get

OAU lecturers don’t tolerate casual/fashion/vogue appearance o,that your durag,crazy,dread,you know the rest no follow for Ogbafemi o

You still want to come?

Stress and struggle in all it’s glory is there o

Your head still never follow you talk

Feminists and agnostics are plenty in OAU o

How will you that carry patriarchy and religion on top your head like wig survive like this

This OAU you want to come,some people are already regretting the decision and can’t wait to graduate with their OAU let my people go o

Set Awon EFCC

Parties and Clubs are plenty in OAU/Ife o,takenote,you that you want to be serious

How will you come out with first class bayi

They don’t share First class in OAU o,you work for it

You better stay in your UNILAG where your only hindrance is love of money and girls


Some OAU lecturers demand for matric number at every slightest opportunity/mistake you make

Dont ask me why

If you are Great Ife and we know,we will sing our anthem at your wedding o

Don’t say we didn’t tell you o

If you have successfully gone through this and you still have coconut mind,you are the type OAU is looking for

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