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Meet OAU Brezzident , Agboola Esther


 Meet Oaubrezzident (Agboola Esther)
Meet Oaubrezzident (Agboola Esther)

“I fainted in spirit when I met Davido” OauBrezzident, the CEO of Thenuturingsoulsfoundation (NGO)
tells Trybecity how she reacted when she met with Davido. She narrated her principle of giving and her happiest day being the day she created a gofunde me account to secure a motorcycle for a rider

Interviewer: Can we meet you?
Giving us a brief of your background.

Oaubrezzident: My name is Agboola Esther Olasunkanmi popularly known as Oaubrezzident. I am from ondo state, Nigeria. A family of 3 The only girl with an elder and younger brother. My Daddy is an Airforce officer and my mom is a teacher

I live in Lagos, Nigeria

Interviewer: What would say is your earliest memory as a child?

Oaubrezzident: My earliest memory would be being everybody’s favorite right from Nursery class. Dressing up in the Yoruba or Igbo attire and dancing to welcome the Director of Education. Amazing times
 Meet Oaubrezzident (Agboola Esther)

Interviewer: How would you describe your parents. What were they like? What did they do?

Oaubrezzident: My parents! Oh my. They are mazing people.
My dad, arghhh Very strict and tough Atimes but the best man in my life. Pays attention to every detail, a very smart man and a goal getter. My mom, the soft one and a virtuous woman. Always ready to listen to me and correct me in love. A trustworthy woman, loved by everyone. Very pretty lady and my favorite person in the world. Like I said My mom is a teacher and my Dad is an Airforce officer

Interviewer: What family or cultural celebrations, traditions, were important in your life?

Oaubrezzident: Uhnmm
It’s always amazing spending Christmas and New year with family! My dad gets posted a lot. So periods where he’s home, always fun. He spoils us silly
Also he takes us to the village well, the name of my Town is Akunnu akoko. There’s always a pageantry too, every 1st of January. 2 years ago, I co hosted and it was amazing
I value family time a whole lot and I never lack that

 Meet Oaubrezzident (Agboola Esther)
Interviewer: Let’s talk about your academic life.
Where did you attend your Secondary School and how would you describe your Secondary School days??

Oaubrezzident: Academic life
I attended Airforce secondary school. It wasn’t as perfect as primary school
I lost focus at some point but I was still the smart and easy going lady I’ve always been. Senior secondary days, absolute fun. I was in Art department
I hated maths and biology

I had lots of friends and could easily relate with people. I miss secondary school days but I never want to go back

Interviewer: How would you describe your undergraduate days so far?

Oaubrezzident: Omo life in Oau is sweet. A roller coaster
Despite the obstacles and stress. It’s a learning process which has taught me lots of things

 Meet Oaubrezzident (Agboola Esther)
Interviewer: Our audience would like to know what has been the “always push forward” mechanism for you amidst all the whole school stress?

Oaubrezzident: Push forward
I tell myself everytime Esther, you’re destined for greatness, you’re star and all of these(the stress, frustrations) it’ll be for a while. For someone like me, I stay in the Airforce base. We aren’t the richest and also aren’t the poorest.
We are comfortable
If you’ve been to Airforce base, you’ll know how it is. It isn’t EASY.
And I never want to experience that life again or allow my children experience it at all.
For my parents, I want them to enjoy every bit of their labor. With these alone, I can never give up!

Interviewer: What do you like most about your undergraduate academic year?

Oaubrezzident: What’s there to like about our calender I enjoy some extra curricular activities tho from my faculty

Interviewer: Are there things or situations you don’t quite like about OAU campus?

Oaubrezzident: Nothing exactly, I love my school. Even tho some people can be silly at times
It’s all part of the learning process.
 Meet Oaubrezzident (Agboola Esther)
Interviewer: Quite sure you’ve met so many amazing individuals on OAU campus but if you are to make a shout out to one of these individuals. Who will it be?

Oaubrezzident: Hmm amazing individuals. BABAFAROS! He’s an amazing person. A sweet soul

Interviewer: Were or are you involved in any extracurricular activities as an undergraduate?

Oaubrezzident: I have my NGO(Thenuturingsoulsfoundation) tho unregistered, I do personal outreachs for now . Reach out to the less privilege, volunteered at one point or the other
Engage in social media activities and so on

Interviewer: Have you belonged to any civil, political, social, or voluntary organization (s)?

Oaubrezzident: I’ve mentioned my NGO. I hope to do more gradually

Interviewer: If yes (the above Question) How have you been able to joggle all these up with your academic undertones considering the fact that OAU is known for “sport and STRUGGLE”?

Oaubrezzident: There’s a saying that
There’s time for everything. First you need to understand your self and your environment. Understand what works for you
When you know this, you’ll know how to shuffle between school and other social, civil or political activities

Interviewer: Concerning your NGO.. Can you tell us few things about it
When it started. What it is all about. And the motivation behind it

Oaubrezzident: My NGO
Right from childhood
I enjoyed giving and sharing
Days where I’ll take foodstuff from the house and give to friends and neighbors😂
When I eventually pulled off the motorcycle and a new phone for one of the Oau school bike men
I decided to create a page for it
I don’t post every good deed I do

The aim is to help everyone with the little I have. Personally from my pocket or most times help people solicit for funds from my social media audience
I really hate to see people needy and sad

Interviewer: How would you describe your ideal career goal or profession?

Oaubrezzident: For me
I’m interested in Entertainment
I’m not sure I’m going to be a practicing lawyer
I did my first acting debut recently on a series “face 2 face”
On the long run
I hope to build my own orphanage home. Be a well note Actress, and a presenter. Gonna have my own talk. My own clothing and lingerie line. Basically A business woman! A woman of impact and a role model

Interviewer: Quite sure you’ve had numerous impressive days but of which was a moment of fulfillment to you.

Oaubrezzident: The day I travelled down to osogbo to get A new motorcycle for a man. Later that day after handing the bike over to him
I cried like a baby😂

Interviewer: We wouldn’t know the worth of happiness without having experienced “down moments.”
So in the same light is there an unforgettable experience of a down moment?

Oaubrezzident: I’ve had lots of down moments but never keep them at heart
Cause God keeps bringing peace and happiness my way and in your sojourn, it won’t always be rosy

Interviewer: What would you have done differently in your career life, if you had it to do over?

Oaubrezzident: I would’ve started networking right from the beginning
Go out, meet people, show case my self! Lol
But it’s all good
Everything is falling in place

Interviewer: What are some of the principles that you have lived by? What guides you?

Oaubrezzident: Everyone knows Esther is a giver
And also when you do good to people, no matter whatever evil people plan towards you. It can never work

Interviewer: Do you have any experience with a fan that got to know you from social media that you’d like to share with us?

Oaubrezzident: I’ve had experiences with lots of People
People who randomly know me from social media and finally get to see me in person
The outpour of love, the genuineness
Always a cherishable moment for me

Interviewer: What do you do in your leisure time?

Oaubrezzident: Sleep watch movies, Cook, eat
Think of concepts and try to make money

Interviewer: What would you say Is your favourite delicacy?

Oaubrezzident: Eba and egusi. Amala is thrash

Interviewer: Concerning your alias
Was it coined by you ? What’s the story behind it

Oaubrezzident: It was coined by my friends “Brezzident”. I only adde Oau to it
It’s kuku my big chest ‍️
But there’s a whole lot more to me than that
Which I’m sure everyone knows

Interviewer: Do you have a favorite spot on campus where you like visiting alone or with friends?

Oaubrezzident: I’m always at my Faculty basement Fivera. Rotunda
But mostly in my hostel

Interviewer: Concerning the current upgrade in OAU academic system. What do you have to say about the virtual class? What’s your reservation?

Oaubrezzident: The online lectures
It’s fortunate and unfortunate
We’ve wasted a year at home and maybe it’s just a measure to ensure that we cover up due to COVID 19 which is still very much around
Then again, not everyone is privilege
Some don’t even have browsing phones, money for data? And the likes
Really pathetic
Talk about the poor network reception
There are lots of factors affecting the online classes that doesn’t make it sound reasonable
Those that do not have access to the internet
What happens to them?? They fail? There has to be a re-evaluation of this

We’ll do physical exams and virtual classes?? It’s a No no for me

Interviewer: Being a notable person you’ve definitely met fellow notable persons in the Nigeria entertainment industry.
However, it seems you are a big fan of Davido and you’ve happened to meet him twice.
How would you describe that experience?

Oaubrezzident: Heheheheee Davido
I fainted in the spirit. Ahhh I couldn’t believe it

But somehow I had this composure from inside. My face was robust and filled with excitement
It was even more amazing cause he recognized me. I felt like I had 1 billion in my account for just that day

Interviewer: In relation to your body physique stance have you ever been made uncomfortable by it?

Oaubrezzident: Yes oo. Everytime I go out. Opooorrrr, yehhhh and silly remarks from people
I’m proud of my body, with its perfection and imperfections 🥰

 Meet Oaubrezzident (Agboola Esther)

Interviewer: What would you say is your philosophy of life?

Oaubrezzident: Take each moment as it comes, take a deep breathe, do your best and be prayerful

Interviewer: Which of the OAU traditions are you most fond of??

Oaubrezzident: The prostrating of Artistes🤣🤣🤣
ARO and the security
Overnight strolls and all

Interviewer: Our audience would like to connect with your on social media platforms.. what are your handles?

Oaubrezzident: Twitter: @agboolaestherT
Instagram: @agirlnamed_esther
Facebook: @agirlnamed_esther

Interviewer: Lastly, if there’s any advice you’d like to let out to thy fellow undergraduates or anyone out there. What will it be?

Oaubrezzident: In all you do
STAY FOCUSED. Live, love, laugh and pray
Very important.


 Meet Oaubrezzident (Agboola Esther)

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