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Amazing Tips to Being the Most Coveted Student on OAU Campus


Many of us are usually curious to know; Why are some people effortlessly popular and well liked? By contrast, other people, no matter how hard they try, never seem to be able to gain the same trust and respect. Even if we may not like to admit it, most people secretly crave the respect and admiration of other people. These are some factors which can lead to you been coveted and gaining natural popularity on the OAU Campus

Don’t Try to Be Popular:
It is a mistake to try and become popular. When an OAU Student seeks to impress others and please them, it inevitably encourages them to offer false flattery and think about what they want us to do and say. When we behave like this, our ego comes to the fore, and we hide our real self. This kind of behaviour may temporarily impress some fellow students, but, in the long term it is not sustainable. We have to base friendship on being our natural self, and avoid extravagant attempts to rise in other people’s esteem.

Think of Others more than you think of yourself:
OAU Students appreciate those who are considerate of others. If you only talk about yourself and your achievements, other OAU students will merely start to try and avoid you. We naturally respect people who are willing to spend time listening to others. This means offering goodwill to everyone, not just a selected few who have a high social standing.

Be Your self: Closely related to the first tip I shared, it is very important that you “be yourself” if you desire to be coveted on the OAU Campus.

It is a strain pretending to be someone you are not. When you seek to please others’ expectations, there is an insincerity in your thought and actions, – people can soon see through this. If you learn to be content with who you are, you allow your natural spontaneity to come to the fore, this is what will naturally attract other OAU students to you.

Have a big Heart:
Learn to be magnanimous in your dealings with other students on Campus, forget small mistakes, but appreciate the positive contributions that other students make. This is one of the most important factors in determining how they appreciate you. If you are always judging others with your critical mind, people will naturally feel slighted. If youe go out of your way to appreciate the good qualities of others, then they’ll will warm to your generous spirit, thus making you coveted.

Reduce Your Ego:
Do you seek to impress people through appearing to be wise, and to drop names and important achievements into the conversation? When you magnify your ego, you only increase your popularity with yourself. If you can work without demand for outer recognition and praise, fellow OAU Students will warm to your natural humility. Let actions speak louder words; if you do good things, there is no need to act as your own self publicist – you’re not a politician standing for an election. (It is interesting that politicians are very rarely popular, despite the fact they spend most of their lives trying their hardest to court popularity)

To gain popularity on the OAU campus, you need to be self depreciating and not take yourself too seriously. Humour is one of the most significant attributes that people appreciate in others. It is said that humour is one of the most important things OAU girls/Ladies look in the guys when choosing a relationship. This does not mean you have to be a stand up comic with a long list of jokes; in fact you should be careful of boring people with a long monologue of tired jokes.

Follow Your ideals quietly:
As an OAU Student, I can tell you clearly that we look up to those who have a solid character with the attributes of honesty, kindness, strength and humility. But, at the same time these are ideals to be lived and not talked about. Quite often, we see some students talking about how others should live a good life. Yet these proud “moralists” of students, may be better advised to concentrate on their own conduct before lecturing others. The secret of popularity here is to be honest and self giving without the necessity of correcting others. The most powerful way is to merely lead by example; if others follow, fine; if not that is fine as well.

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Academic Excellence: Bear in mind that you’re still a Student, and have to perform excellently in you academics if you wish to be coveted in Ogbá Femi.

Meanwhile, don’t let your program confine you: Explore!
Give your curiosity some free rein. The Obafemi Awolowo University is programmatically structured now, but don’t let the requirements of your program confine you. If you want to take Philosophy and your English degree tells you that you can’t take any more options, resist and figure out a way to do both. It is less important to complete a degree than to discover your fascinations, which will follow you through life. Add another year and take those options. Stretch. Expand your interests and follow the spirit of inquiry that will serve as the signal for your success. Allow yourself the pleasure of fascination and engagement in an area that will tell you what you really care about, even if it doesn’t result in a cut-and-dried profession. And always work on your ability to express yourself with eloquence and passion. The greatest skill you will need to succeed is articulation, clarity and effective persuasion.

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Interpersonal Relationships:
Popularity is all about people and the way they treat you. It’s essential to meet new people on Campus and make networking connections as some of these new friends can play a crucial role in your becoming famous. That’s why, never miss a chance to get to know someone new while you’re at Forks & Fingers, on your way to a class, having lunch at New Buka or exercising at the Sports Complex. To be successful in it, you should spend some time learning networking techniques. It has never been easier to keep in touch with people from all over the world than in the era of social networks, so actively use them to pursue your goals!

Affluence: No matter whether you want to become an Economist, a Medical Doctor or an Engineer, it’s always easier to grow famous by increasing your recognition first. Thus, taking part in Campus Events at Amphitheatre, TV & Radio shows, photoshoots, and reality shows like BBN (winks) is a great idea! To do so, it’s essential to visit a significant number of castings which consume lots of time and effort.

Famous students are famous because in people’s minds they associate with what they do. An OAU Student who has self-brand knows for sure who he is, what he does and what makes him head and shoulders above the rest. Moreover, such a person knows how to advertise himself and sell his services to others. Those who have personal brand have more opportunities in different spheres of life than others. They have better careers, and they can influence people and gain trust and loyalty for what they do. So, to create your personal brand you should start with three simple questions: “Who I Am?”, “What Do I Do Better Than Others?” and “What Makes Me Special?”.

Do unusual stuff: Spark controversies on Campus! Not negative controversies though. Do great things that’ll make attention tilt towards you.

In other words, express yourself by doing what you like. Forget about what’s popular or common and don’t be afraid of judgment. Nowadays, lots of OAU Students become famous because they are unique in what they do and they are not afraid to show it. There is a very little chance that popularity will come to the one, who always sticks to the standards and never take risks. Biographies of many famous people, who were outstanding personalities, prove, that on the way to fame and success, you have to work hard, be confident and proud about what you do and do not pay attention to what people say. So, don’t hesitate to show your uniqueness and start gaining popularity in Ogbá Fémi already!

Mind blowing fashion sense:
Fashion is it! Especially in this contemporary world. It isn’t surprising that a lot of OAU Students have become popular influencers right from their days as Freshers as a result of their Fashion/Dress sense.

Hence, if you must be coveted in OAU, pay very close attention to your dress sense. Blow minds with your combos, and you’ll definitely have have heads turn to see you again while you move from a Lecture Theatre to the other, or from your Hostel to wherever you’re heading to on campus.

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Start conversations on socials:
Social Media is another tool! The likes of Twitter & Instagram.
Nowadays, many people have money and fame just by showing their everyday life routine and sharing with people on different occasions and happy moments. The reason such accounts are popular is simple: bloggers (In this case; Campus bloggers) know how to make a perfect picture of their lives.  Such photos attract other students and sometimes, they even feel depressed, especially when they have issues with friends, or test results are far from being satisfactory. It seems to be pretty easy. However, you have to work hard to become popular in such a way as you need to not only take photos, but also learn how to edit them and make your account cute and stylish.

Leveraging the OAU Twitter community is another way. Start conversation with fellow Great Ifé Students and see the outcome.

Believe in yourself:
This is the most important habit for becoming influential. Believing in yourself is the foundation for others to start believing in you. When you feel confident and project that confidence, your course mates and every other person who sees you will naturally be drawn to you.

Join a student organization:
Student-led. Student-operated. No on-campus activity gives you more autonomy that joining a student organization.

It’s not just about making friends — although that’s definitely a perk. It is about developing your people skills, broadening your network, practicing those soft skills, and most importantly — making things happen.
All student organizations require events, meetings, matches, competitions, trips, or fundraisers to ensure their success. What better way to practice those organizational skills than by joining a student group of your choice and learning how to get things done. And it’s a bonus if you make a few friends along the way, which you probably will. Give it a go!

Attend student government meetings:
Political? Then attend a public student government meeting – Thank God our Students’ Union has been reinstated! Even if you don’t join student government, you’ll learn about major issues affecting OAU, events, and other opportunities.
If you do run for student government, you can have a say in how the student body approaches issues. 

Serving the campus community often requires you to serve the greater community, too. Check out the student activities office or volunteer office for opportunities. You never know what you might find — but you are guaranteed to find other students like you who care about helping others.

Smiling is a way to make people feel welcome. Let your smile be sincere and appropriate. Pay attention to the people around you; Chances are, they need a smile to lift their mood. A smile is an accessory, like a tie or a necklace –it adds a great touch to your personality.

Be helpful:
Identify opportunities to help other students. Be proactive and attentive. There’s always someone in your department, faculty or hostel in need of help. Of course, be tactical about how you approach people who may benefit from your assistance. Being helpful never goes out of style.

Practicing these several habits will establish your credibility, and when your credibility is established, you’ll have huge opportunities to influence people. Remember that influence is primarily based on your character. The more positive character traits you exhibit, the more influential you will become. Once you have this structure in place, the rest will follow naturally.

To crown it all, we live in a world of overwhelming opportunities and have lots of options when it comes to being famous. It’s up to us which way to choose, and our choice should be based on the type of personality and on what we’re talented in. It also depends on what kind of popularity you want to have and what kind of people you want to become your fans and followers. No matter which way you choose, the process of becoming famous will take lots of time, struggle and effort, so, be ready to face difficulties on your road to success.

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