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Are You Naturally Shy? See How to Overcome Timidity


Could “shyness” actually be a natural thing? Perhaps, it is. Research has shown that the bulk of people who usually feel shy are Public Speakers.
Maybe we should use a more proper term because saying that a Public Speaker is “shy” is degrading!
Stage fright it is! Many Public speakers encounter this, at least in the first few minutes of their presentation before some of them eventually get along.

Not limited to Public Speaking, timidity sets in even amongst groups of friends or Course mates who are just meeting themselves physically or getting to know themselves better. Although not in all cases.

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A major reason for timidity is the Low self esteem. Persons who think that everyone is better than them will find it hard to confidently engage them in conversations, or may not at all.

Are you that person who usually feels timorous whenever you’re asked to address the class, when you’re meeting with new friends, or whenever you’re in the public space?
Then this post was written just for you! Why not journey with me on edutaining ride?

Coming out of your shell could be pretty difficult, but by following these tips, addressing people or speaking in the public would be the easiest thing ever!

Act Confidently:
Take the bull by its horns! Start by facing your very close friends, make them your audience, engage them in discussions, ask them to point out your noticeable mistakes as well.
Soon afterwards, you’ll graduate to facing the crowd.

Meanwhile, you must first acknowledge the fact that you’re not perfect. I mean, there’s no perfect person, and we’re all susceptible when it comes to goofing. So, whether you goof or not, it is important that you stay confident regardless. It keeps you going!

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Pay Positive with your Affirmations:
Be positive and speak positive. The more you say you’re shy, chances are, the more shy you’ll become. Replacing words like, “I am shy” with “I am learning to be confident” or replacing “I’m a failure” with “I can do this” can go a long way in moving you from shyness that dauntless personality you usually dream of.

Breathe Deeply:
Before going up the stage / platform, or to room where you’ll be addressing people, do take a deep breath. It’s been proven effective time after time that taking a deep breath before addressing your audience keeps you calm and relaxed.

Appreciate your Uniqueness:
It is important to note that we all have our unique energies. Do not be scared to bring that unique energy into the room. It does not only let you flow well, but makes your listeners long for your next speech whilst you’re still addressing them. Find yours and appreciate it! You’re a whole vibe!

Practice Mindfulness:
Mindfulness means being completely present in all of your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and memories at any given moment; being mindful of your actions and inactions. Therefore, when you practice mindfulness, you slowly pick up social skills, and in turn you overcome shyness as time goes by.

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Look the Part:
Looking the part is simply dressing nice and dressing to boost your confidence.

Do not wear something you feel wrong about or that you are particularly not comfortable with. It’ll kill your confidence. Why not hinge on what you wear?

Engage to Build your Social Skills:
It’s usually best to start small. As I mentioned early on, engage your close friends, confidently engage that teller at the Bank, do not be scared to speak with who is on the queue with you, start a conversation with your counterparts at stores or at the gym.

Eventually, you’ll build enough confidence such that the social interactions at a New Year’s Eve party will be a piece of cake.

Body Language:
Your body language could give off cues, even subconsciously, to those you’re interacting with. Shy people will often exude a body language that reflects a lack of confidence. Making eye contact when talking to someone, walking with your head held high, projecting your voice clearly and effectively, shaking hands with those around you, and even giving hugs to those you trust can do wonders to your confidence and will help you to overcome shyness.

Prepare your Speech: If you’re a Public speaker, a budding one at that, it is important that you prepare whatever you’ll be speaking on. Familiarize yourself with the written piece as well such that you do not get to read verbatim, but only glance through your material sporadically.

Keep practicing: Far from the cliché “Practice makes perfect”! Remember that there is no perfect person as we all have our individual tendencies. However, continuous practice helps you get better. Keep doing it! Keep grinding! You’ll find that speak with people will soon become a breeze.

I hope that you found this post edutaining, funnn, and of course, helpful. Were you once timorous? What did you do to overcome it? Asides the ones listed above, what other tips do you recommend to timid individuals?

Let me know in the comments! I’d be awaiting your feedbacks. Thanks for engaging – winks😉

Stay dauntless!

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