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5 ways to travel abroad as a Nigeria student


In a country like Nigeria, where the economic situation worsens on a daily basis, every Nigerian is looking for a way of escaping from this country in search of greener pastures. 99% of Nigerians will jump at the slightest of opportunities to leave this country because of what Nigeria is facing as a nation. Not only that, it is the dream of everyone to, at one point in their lives, travel outside the shores of Nigeria to a foreign country and have that experience.

5 ways for you to travel abroad as a Nigeria student

1. Scholarship: A scholarship is a grant or payment made to support a student’s education. Many educational institutions all over the world offer part or full scholarships to eligible students. They use a special grading system to determine the beneficiaries of their scholarships. So, as a student, you are eligible for scholarships to study abroad.

2. Getting a job: Many countries across the world like Canada, the United States, United Arab Emirates and Germany to mention but a few are in need of skilled people who will work in their countries. They release a list of criteria which a person must meet before being considered for the job. As a student, you can pick up one of these jobs and still continue your education at the same time.

3. Grants: A grant is an award, usually financial, given by one entity to an individual or a company to achieve a goal. Some organizations offer grants to students to support their education. As a student, you can apply for one of these grants and you might be fortunate enough to be a beneficiary.

4. Promotions: Most companies organize promotions for their customers. Sometimes, one of the prizes in the promotion can be an educational trip abroad. Any company doing this will also have her set terms and conditions for giving out the prize. We have had cases like that in the past and we expect more of it in the future.

5. Personal efforts: Well, I decided to put this as the last on the list because I think it’s the easiest known way to travel abroad. The extra thing here is that some countries like Norway, Austria, Germany, Finland and Sweden offer different types of free or low tuition schemes and tuition waivers for international students. You could raise some money or seek financial support from family and friends to finance your trip.

Conclusively, travelling out of the nation as a Nigerian student doesn’t mean as an undergraduate alone, it may be as a student chasing his second, third or fourth degree, as the case may be.

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