Thursday, May 23, 2024



Following the series of events that have plunged the school in the last few weeks

Some of which had led to the sudden abruption of school activities including the ongoing school examination, the vacation of students from their place of residence and the lockdown of campus indefinitely.

All these were factors which were borne out from the protests that was led by students against the school management over the loss of a fellow students life at the school’s health centre.

The Senate has summoned a committee to look into the matter and every GreatIfe students are waiting for a positive response from the management.

But, in the recent video making rounds on campus, the VC , Professor Eyitope Ogunbodede said they were told to let us discuss, stay wherever you want to stay, that the Vice Chancellor will come and meet you, but the first thing the students did was to go to Ife, Ibadan express and blocked the road and then to start extorting money from motorist, infact they demanded as much as 100,000 from some people, some paid 25,000, some paid 20,000 you know in order to be able to pass through

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