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OAU Aro That Many Students Fall Victim to


OAU jokes are practically OAU Aro which is mainly cruising, teasing, whining. It can also be frustrating at times and this is mostly done by Awo guys – Nobody wishes to fall victim of their Aro.

I’m sure you would be wondering what are these jokes and trics that are played on student. Well there are several OAU Aro which are listed below;

1. Entrance of a lady into a male hostel: one of the most popular Aro is whining a lady in the sense that whenever a lady visit a guy in the hostel, especially Awo hall, they tend to sing numerous song for her and start teasing her unnecessarily.

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2. Getting high score in class/ Being studious: Igi iwe is an OAU word and it is another Aro that is done just because of the habit of studying 24/7 and getting high score in class, also not involving oneself in any social activities. Such students are called them igi iwe. So anybody carrying book up and down they tend to start whining them with the name.

3. Olomi Oke: This is also one of the popular Aro. This is a situation whereby someone from the upper floors of the school hostel pours water on someone who is at the lower floor of the hostel. They tend to say “olomi oke wo sale oo” or whenever they pour water on a law student going to class they also say “oloriburuku wo lo da omi si mi lara….werey wo ni ko fe ki omi mi kan le? (who is the mad person that did not allow my water to get to the ground?)” All of these are just to catch crusie.

4. Shana: The most common Aro used by every OAU student is the word “Shana”. This set of people are always reading. So, when students see anybody reading or going for overnight they start teasing them by calling them “Shana”.

5. Walking through a set of boys: Most girls don’t like walking through a group of guys because they feel they might use them to joke around and that’s actually true. Whenever you see a group of guys together, it’s either they are waiting for a lady to pass in order to tease her or catch some cruise.

6. Block to Block insult: here is another Aro and this one is played among guys. It is the act of insulting themselves and this kind of thing is always between 2 blocks in the school hostel e.g. Block 6 and 7 in Awo hall. And this done every time especially at night.S

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Well, I can say it’s only in OAU that different tricks and jokes called Aro are formulated and it’s a practice that would shows that you truly graduated from OAU. All of these are things that many students fall victim of.

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