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[Anonymous Experience] 20 OAU students shared with us their craziest experience on Campus


Earlier this week , inside OAU Media introduced a new concept tagged “Anonymous Experience” , with Anonymous Experience OAU students can boldly share any experience with us . For this week we decided to ask about their craziest experience and over 20+ OAU student took part in this .

There’s a saying that goes, “there’s time for everything“. It’s okay to say there are certain stages in our life when we live freely as a bird, when we get to do everything that pleases us.
One of those stage is the higher institution, a new life and an home away from home, a place we get to live as it pleases us, do as we wish and even control our lives.

There are also certain things we might regret not doing as a student, because once we leave school, we might not be able to relate to it and we might feel bad about it, you know.

Everyone of us have certain things we do behind the scene, so I’d be sharing the crazy experience of 20 OAU students

  • “Mozambique Hall warden and portals thought they were craziest in 2019…. The Sha didn’t allow my mattress in saying “it was too beautiful, it will attract bed bugs” the mattress is actually beautiful, I sow fur on it.. Fur that was meant to be ladies dress.. lol… I’m weird…. Long story short…. I smulgled the mattress in using the side gate at the last block of the hostel! The first day I slept on the floor, I couldn’t bear it another day, so I stole my own mattress from them and I smulgled it in….”


  • “I am currently having s*x with my neighbour .The guy is too cute to be ignored “


  • “I took weed into my department’s H.O.D!”


  • Amy – “so , i was a very timid church girl when I entered OAU, I mean I couldn’t even hug guys but I noticed everyone else had already evolved past that or that they were never even there. Guys go after the already bad girls and here’s the virgin me seriously looking for ways to get a boyfriend or even make friends. So I built a personality for myself, you know bad girl, I do drugs, I smoke weed, and all sort of lies. But then I got invited to a smoke hangout and because I had to live up to my name. “Cocaine” I smoked for the first time in my life and I almost died, I later passed out in the bus I fell sick for two weeks straight up!”


  • “Besides regularly jumping Faj’s fence, it’ll be checking for smashers in all the spots around campus, and watching moremi ladies dress and undress, as I could easily pass as a girl”


  • “Two days before the recent protest lockdown had a quickie around to 8 with a lecturer at social sciences car park Crazy yeah it was the best “


  • Oyinkonjadesola – “I met the love and joy of my life at old EDM, we had our first kiss at faculty of law basement. We met in 2016 when we were both in our second year, then up until this very moment has being the best days of our lives. We are celebrating our anniversary on the 3RD of November, which is two days after my birthday. He was the best gift God gave me. He’s indeed the bone of my bones. Thanks to OAU for making me meet MY KING.”


  • Daniel – “I have trekked all the way from ETF to banking area to withdraw my last #500. Getting to the atm, i discovered I was not with my atm. Had to go back to the room, pickup the atm and still trek back to banking area to withdraw. Omo, I was broke and spent that day.”


  • “Well One Oau “Celeb” treating Someone badly as I write this…cos of Stupid Love..I am just waiting for the Right time so I can Open it all.”


  • “Why should Hon. TSA be the next president of Faculty of Education?”


  • “I went to lecturer office to do my missed test and he gave me the topics I haven’t read at all and I brought my phone out in his office seated infront of me but I didn’t know whether he knew I used phone.”


  • “OAU Architecture no be for lazy ones My part 1, I feel like “I can finish with 1st class”not knowing what awaits me My part 2 was nothing to write home about and my orientation change “Slept in studio for 3days without bathing or brushing” Can’t type all the unspeakable things I’ve done”


  • “On April 1st, I pranked a lot of people. This was around 1:00am in the midnight. I kept asking anyone who greeted me or bump into me ( all strangers) ” can you see me ? “. Then say ” Help me, i must revenge, He must not go Scot Free ” . Some fell for it, thinking I was some ghost, some didn’t, knowing it was April fool’s day. It was how”


  • “I did Around for my lecturer (Dr Akinbo) in a 7 to 9am class cos most of us were late… He got annoyed and stoned me duster and started to throw punch like a boxer on me… He wanted to fight with me.. baba nearly fall down.. I had to help him up again… Before he sent me out and never to return to any of his class that semester…”


  • Petbreak – “Haven’t done anything crazier than coming to Obafemi Awolowo University Abeg who get polytechnic link I wan japa go poly OAU is not for me”


  • “Reading at Edm late at night, guzzling for convocation rice. I didn’t cook through out that week. Strolling out at nights with friends”


  • “Is it weird how I have kissed almost 8 guys and I am still single Made out with 2”
  • Had s*x with a girl at motion ground 


  • “Walking alone around 3pm with my d*ck out around fblt education area”


  • LUCID – “Beat up my roommate all because I’m bored”


  • Jhay – “Intentionally turning someone to a fool in public because he fooled an innocent girl”


  • Pinky bae – “The day I missed an exam”

Crazy right ? , you regret not sharing your experience, because yours is more crazier than these? It’s not too late, click here to share your experience 

you can as well share it in the comment section.

Watch out for the next one, coming soon!!!! Make sure you share your experience, I’m looking forward to seeing your responses.

Thank you all for reading.

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