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Oluwagbenga Osunlaja

Success is never what you have, but who you are!

Are you surprised? Well, the truth is that most people define success with riches, fame and respect. However, these factors are not the absolute yardstick for success.

I remember vividly the story of two different men, one was said to be wealthy with no impact or influence; the only value attached to his name is his large firm and the numerous employees he has working with him, while the other man was not as wealthy as the previous, but can be described as a man of influence, impact, and fulfillment.

Who among these two is successful?

Success is beyond your money, fame or respect, its traits are visible in your values, character, mentality, consistency, passion, commitment etc. Show me a successful man and I will tell you s/he has most of these traits. “Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.” _ Tony Hseih.

Does this mean, Rich people are not successful?

There are numerous questions to be answered, and this article will provide the best answers, with definitions and wrong ideologies of success. I promise, it is worth your time——————————-

What is Success?

  1. Success is defined as the accomplishment of desired goals and ambitions. This validates the congratulatory messages you get each time you pass your examinations or got promoted. Anytime any one achieve their goals, s/he is termed successful.

“Success has purpose and mission has it’s “relative.” Every genuine definition of success should give adequate recognition to these factors. Beyond fame or power, what about happiness and fulfillment?”

  1. Success is measured by what you have done, in comparison with what you should or could have done.” – Myles Munroe.

Success is setting the trail; using your purpose, mission and passion. Whenever these three factors are present with success, happiness is a must! Genuine success brings happiness——————————

  1. Success is setting standards using right principles, adequate knowledge and influencing others or reaching out to people through your wealth or position. “The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.”- John D. Rockefeller Jr.

Wrong Ideologies of Success.

• Benchmark: This is absolutely wrong and should not be a prevalent thought. You do not have to construct your mind to accept that you have to do certain things at a particular age to be successful. You can do whatever is right at the appropriate time for you.

No one was giving the responsibility to set any benchmark for your life, it’s yours, live it!

• Numbers: Measuring success by the number of certificates, houses built, firms owned or properties is another wrong ideology. You should be more focused on your impact or influence in the life of others, and not the number of certificates or buildings to your name.

• Wealth: This is a crucial and yet controversial issue. The fact remains that your value in the society and to others is more important, than what you have! You might be wealthy and be of no value. Your wealth will never be an absolute yardstick for success, but when you are wealthy and also have impacts then you are qualified to be called successful.

Here comes the interesting part; every successful person today has been a failure before! irrespective of definition and ideology, the only similarity is persistence. This validates Winston Churchill quote “success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

The story of bill gates is crucial to Winston quote; he was a Harvard dropout, co-owned Traf-O-Data and failed woefully, but his persistence and interest in computer programming gave him his desired lift to fame. He became the pioneer of the software company, Microsoft and was established as the youngest billionaire at 31.

Never disregard failure in life, it is vital to success. “it’s fine to celebrate success but, it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”- Bill Gates.

Finally, let me remind you; Success is not what you have, but who you are! Work hard today, prepare for tomorrow, chase your dreams and never give up, because gold is never found on the surface, it is found underneath the soil. Therefore, keep digging!

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