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[Anonymous Experience 2 ] – 30+ OAU students shared with us their craziest experience on Campus


Some time ago, inside OAU Media introduced a new concept tagged” Anonymous Experience  “. 20 OAU students shared their craziest experience last week ,Click here to read Part 1

For this week we decided to go for the second edition as another 30+ share their craziest experience on OAU campus.

  • “I was at one of the lecture theatres doing overnight, prior to that time I had an altercation and fight with my lover I was with that time. Surprisingly he called me that night and I was in his car, he made out at boo in the dark and when we heard a vigilante coming we drove to pharmacy car pack and had a mad doggy .I was inside the car and he stood outside while hitting it from behind”


  • “I just love OAU”


  • Lam – “I f*cked inside the chemistry department library while people are still there . I dey wonder how I get that mind self”


  • Lawal babatunde – “My part one second semester was the craziest experience I ever had in my life,I was living at Modakeke but couldn’t afford #50 for transport fare. I trekked from Olarenwaju down to the history department and from there to Awo cafe to read. I did this for the semester but now,I thank God that I could give Little thou I don’t have money but not like trekking again. My second experience just happened, when my girlfriend scattered my heart into pieces due to religious differences and politics cause I’m a politician not only on campus but also a grassroot politician. I spent all what I could to make sure I satisfied her but she has secret relationship with other guy which I didn’t know until she told me that I’m not her type, just managed me with the little time we spent together. I introduced her to my parents and my political bosses but with all these,she did something different and from now,I don’t believe in love again Relationship is just a scam to me and that’s all”


  • “It happened when I went to write putme in OAU. I read overnight and I would still go to tutorials the next day, enter into a room just to study throughout the day. I still got average in the exam. OAU whhyyyy?”


  • “Omo there was this time this guy gave me head in library. Godddd!!! It was heaven. The way he kept twisting his tounge licking every corner of my plate. Oh Daniel! I cherish you”


  • “My ex girlfriend offered me s*x so that I could teach her Phy 106 because I had A last semester. Don’t even ask what my decision is because I bought the CDs already, The lady is someone else’s girlfriend but it’s none of my business. No be you go tell me wetin I go do “


  • “Rotimi na foolish hoe. Bl*ody f*ggot.. That guy no get sense. Just dey use girls. Sha know say you don carry hiv”


  • “Na so so f*ck boys and ashewo plus lesbian and gay full this oau”


  • “My boyfriend came to Ife but I was already at home in Ilesa. I had to lie to my dad that we had an hangout and went to his hotel room to spend the day with him. It happened today.”


  • “The day I m*sturbated at Admin Ext.”


  • “I’m in history department. I’m with HIV/AIDS carrier.. Most of the guys are f*ck aren’t aware they are infected. I’ve had s*x with almost all the guys in my department.”


  • “Once m*sturbated inside 1000 seaters before It was so quick cause I was scared someone might enter”


  • “I can never forget the day I was given head at 1k sitter to the extreme if you see cum everywhere Never to be forgotten”


  • “Why is it so easy to do shit with babes at night in OAU”


  • “I kissed a guy around that NFA side in the evening, people were passing but I no send their papa. It kuku ended in tears laslas”


  • “Lol. I was kissing a guy at Faculty of Administration basement when a man, who claimed he was a security jerked me off from the guy… lol…. that night was funny, he started preaching, quoting bible verses and all. I just Dey look the man say Wetin. It happened when I was in part 1, 2018!”


  • “I’d been liking this particular girl for over a year and when I eventually told her l liked her, I said “I’m not asking to be your boyfriend though” before she’d shenk me. But making out with her that night was probably the boldest step I had taken in years( after much delay and unnecessary perambulation. Lol. Me wey no sharp again”


  • “I remember hitting that female mathematics lecturer bumbum and pretending as if nothing happened..


  • “Made out at parks and garden”


  • “Ok.. So I’ve had s*x in school hostel ETF and practically had one night stand at training pitch”


  • Aramide – “In accordance to the popular pidgin quote “Konji na bastard”. I have always been this benign guy, until I decided to play dirty with my ex lover. I agreed to give her a head, if only she also agrees to give me the most romantic of all BJ(Blow Job). On the D-day, local man was damn ready for the task. I went horny immediately after seeing her, and within a twinkle of an eye, she pushed me on bed. I should have asked this bitch what she ate before coming to my place ooo. It was after our dirty play that I started feeling this sharp, and peppery pain in my manhood(it was as if they sprinkled devils bean on it, yerepe). I was forming brave guy, I didn’t tell her the travail my dick was passing through, but after asking her what she ate before coming to my place, I screamed in my mind “Aramide you are doomed”. She gave me blowjob with mouth wey just finish eating PEPPERSOUP……”


  • Femi – “I met ‘Blessing’ at a church program, she told me she likes me and she’s actually cute, like her too. I don’t know how we forgot what brought us together we’ve had s*x on many occasions since last semester without any relationship.I tried to remind her,and I asked her out,she said No.Just s*x no relationship “


  • “Uhmmmm O.A.U is coool oo….. I am not a vibe killer tho, but i remembered my part1/2 days that i made out with my babe then around that archy area, where dem dey sell sausage, via a and g prints, waka every part of campus over night motion ground to see people mating, ……… And sometimes walked from campus gate to quarters and back…. S.A.P.A nice one”


  • “M still a fresher only until God knows I came to this oau a virgin(not anymore) fucked so many guys,even in my department. I f*ck anyone I want to f*ck buh m still not yet satisfied. Made out in Angola,motion ground,library and English dept with different guys.”


  • “Omooo.. That year for awo.. Me and my boys fly fence enter de bush were deh behind angola hall go harvest two long banana… Omoo that year sapa just de do make boys de enter Bush anyhow. Thank God for transition now everything don change”


  • “Remember how I met a lady from night reading.. So I kept on looking at her direction till she noticed and I winked at her.. To cut the long story short the next night we had a casual fling.. Mehnn till date I haven’t had such moment in my lifetime.. It was the best feeling everrrrrrrr.. Oloun”


  • “The day I had s*x with my padi’s girlfriend on OAU overhead bridge at around 2am”

Crazy right ? , you regret not sharing your experience, because yours is more crazier than these? It’s not too late, click here to share your experience 

you can as well share it in the comment section.

Watch out for the next one, coming soon!!!! Make sure you share your experience, I’m looking forward to seeing your responses.

Thank you all for reading.


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