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First Date; Omoh!!!!…. The thoughts of first dates can be so stressing that it gives you a constant session of nervous chills. I mean we’ve all gotten to know that first impression actually last longer so the thought of doing below standards and giving a subpar impression at a first date especially when the person is someone we like or have crush on, that nervous feeling can be so overwhelming.
But fear not, if you are reading this InsideOau got you covered on how you can ace your first date. As a matter of fact, this blog post was written because of you. So, no phor!!!

Basically, the tenets of dates are built on three factors, which are; where you go, what you do, and who you’re with.
These unarguably are the main factors that determines the outcome a date… Get these things aligned right with your date partner and you are going to have the best first dates ever.

When it comes to first date, the thing is often overly excited which is a very beautiful thing, believe me. And at the same time very anxious to not want to ruin the beautiful moments both parties would be sharing.
So, amigo below are some of the tips you can follow first time on a date:

  1. The first thing you might want to consider is dressing nicely but at the same, most comfortably.
    Nothing boosts or signifies confidence than a well-dressed person. So, make sure you dress well to create a good first lasting impression. You don’t need to go overboard with the dressing but you should make sure when your date sees you, you leave him or her no choice than to say “wow, you look very much gorgeous or dashing’’. Remember to wear a cologne as well. Our nose is quite sensitive, so yes impress their eyes and bless their nose.
  2. Be natural and yourself as possible: When on date for the first time with someone, you should be natural. This is for both genders, do not force it let it flow naturally. Be plain, do not show off. I mean do not say what you won’t do, do not let the conversation be made of lies and be simple too. Get to know each other. Do not be clumsy, just relax and don’t forget to maintain eye contact, it is very important.
    How are you going to have fun and connect with your date if you can’t relax and feel at ease with them? No amount of advice or techniques will be able to forge a genuine connection. So, try to be yourself without much or any complications.
  3. Another expo or should I say AOC is giving maximum attention to the person you are out with.
    Most of us are so fond with or our phones, we can’t do without them for some few mins, believe me it ruins a good moment. It makes your date partner feel not worthy of the occasion. To avoid that, try maintaining a rapt attention, so both parties can live in and enjoy the moments.

Your phones shouldn’t be on loud speaker. This is to avoid distraction as you don’t want your partner to feel disrespected. No matter how much your pals are laughing at that TikTok someone just shared, you don’t need to check those texts right now. Ignoring outside distractions demonstrates your commitment to the shared experience and makes your date feel valued.

And if you are business kinda type that get calls all the time, try putting your phone on silent, could pick your calls but only right after taking permission from your date partner and do well to kindly apologize later after the call for the disturbance.

  1. Listen appropriately, and have a two – way conversation: You should inculcate the habit of listening as well as giving appropriate responses and even sprout up further topics of discourse. It shows you are really interested in the whole deal of the date occasion. The fact that you’re truly interested in learning about them will impress your date even more. Active listening goes a long way. Also, try to remember every details, there might be an interruption and you guys need to continue from where you stopped. So, you need to be a good listener to remember details.

Don’t brag or talk too much about yourself. Your date is interested in you, therefore use your past to lure them. Also, talk about them; they’ll be more impressed if you show interest in them and their achievements. Inquire about their education or job goals if you’re searching for expo on that. Then inquire as to what motivated them to choose their career or their ‘’ideal anything’’

  1. Get prepared beforehand and go prepared: You don’t want to go to a date event and run out of topic ideas to talk about. So, make sure you have some topics ready and registered in your mind you’d like to be discussed with your date partner. Consider the types of questions you could ask, as well as some intriguing responses to any inquiries that may arise. This would give you an edge on your date.
  2. A date occasion is not complete without the right follow up. We all cherish the feeling of being loved and cared about. Hence, a follow up. A subtle message or call to say thank you for a nice time would really strengthen the third mainland bridge of their hearts for you. Note a good first date is only as good as the follow-up, which involves setting up another date
    So, that’s that about that, We’ve given you in succinct terms the tips that would get you along in your first date, so the next thing is for you to get confident, rock that beautiful smile and head out for your first date.
    Remember the three tenets of dates which are; where you go, what you do, and who you’re with.
    Also, try to have a good time, laugh a lot, and appreciate each other. At the very least, you’ll make a new buddy as a result of the date.
    Go nail it amigo!

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