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Pictures are one of the things we use to reflect on days we can never go back to. Pictures are inanimate, yet have a lot of value.

In a few years, we will all find ourselves in different places, we might never come back to Ife after our convocation, but our pictures will remind us of what UniIfe looks like again. Especially now in this digital world, hardcopy pictures might go missing or get spoilt, but those saved on our Google drive will remain and we’d get memories that make us smile.

Below is the list of pictures you must take before leaving OAU campus.


Our first biggest day on campus is our first day of lecture, everything will be different and strange, most especially, very stressful. That particular day, before the stress begins, you must take a picture of yourself to see how you dressed like a rainbow. Looking back at that picture, you’d smile and wonder why you dressed like that and how you looked exactly. When you’re done with the day, take a picture too, to see how you look like burnt puff-puff.
These are some of the things that would put a smile on your face after you leave Ife.


OAU is one of the few Universities in the Southwest to be surrounded by mountains. There’s no place you stand on Campus where you’ll not see the mountain. One of the things you’re first introduced to campus is the route and how to climb a mountain.
It’s a one in a million experience, it might be your first time climbing such. So take pictures to keep, when you go back to the picture, everything that happened at the mountaineering will flashback.


One of the most important celebrations for new intake is Matriculation. Every freshman looks forward to that particular day because, after that day, you become a bonafide Great Ife student. How can you have a happy celebration and not take pictures?
You must take more than enough pictures on your Matriculation.


This is mainly for science students though. On your first day in the lab, you follow every rule and regulation, putting on shoes, dressing smartly, well-ironed lab coat, because it’s your first day, you don’t want to misbehave. It might be your last time completely following rules and regulations, so take pictures of how you looked serious.


It might be your last celebration on campus. Take enough pictures and compare them with your matric picture, you’ll be amazed at the way growth has taken place.

When you look back at every one of the pictures, you should be able to say a story of GreatIfe.

If you’ve missed any of these mentioned above, it’s not too late, lend a gown during the next matric and take enough pictures, go for mountaineering with friends and colleagues, put on a well-ironed lab coat with shoes and snap in front of the lab and then make sure you don’t miss the convocation pictures.

You’ll eventually look back at those pictures and smile, I was here in 2008

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