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Relationship Part 2 : 16 OAU students shared with us their breakfast experience


We don come again on top anonymous experience!
Nah so so breakfast tori full everywhere, people don chop breakfast tire,nah so e be everywhere arbi nah only OAU students dey chop breakfast?

Some tori go make your heart cut, some go sweet your body. Dey sip cold zobo dey read this sweet tori, because e choke!

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1) This life sha,so I met this guy through a friend of mine then we started talking I was so foolish in love that I started ignoring other people all for this guy,in my mind I was like finally the guy is fresh and fine that we can date after trying different times to have a relationship,that shit is so painful thinking that it would work out but then it didn’t All of a sudden the guy was giving me attitude,it was so obvious that he didn’t have my time but I didn’t want to lose him,then on his birthday I went to his hostel just to give him his birthday not knowing that it would end with s*3x,I gave this guy my body as a birthday gift,I lost my virgnity that night The next day,I went back to my hostel I was feeling so bad about it I could not tell anyone,so I took it upon myself,I had to cut myself,I was in depression for weeks but thank God my friend noticed something was wrong,I was ashamed of myself then I finally spoke up,omoo this guy promised that he would be checking up on me after two days bayi this guy forgot me, breakfast is real oh ,I deleted his number straight up,I was fooled because I was a fresher but aside from that this thing can happen to anybody,omoo people have scars

2) There’s this girl my guy dey always tell me say nothing dey between them still tell me say the girl dey disturb am that he’s blocked her everywhere sef. Something happened that i had to stay with him for some weeks now,one day I took pictures on his phone and while sending,saw the girl’s new picture from WhatsApp on his phone, I was shocked, i opened his WhatsApp and saw he saved her number as BB,and already told the girl I’m his ex that she should just focus on her school that he’s waiting for her so they will get married ,I wanted to die.I attacked him while crying later that why did he lie about her Baba said he has not been talking with the girl since that time still dey swear on God almost crying that I’m the only one he loves i shouldn’t worry promising nobody will come between us. That day i understood what “trust nobody” really meant. In my mind he’s worth nothing again at all but because there’s no choice other than me waiting to complete what I’m doing before i leave his place.

3) So I was dating this guy and I broke up with him….I cheated apparently. Then later I realized I still have feelings for him and went back. We dated for about a year again. Only for me to catch him sleeping with my friend. I insulted him.. screamed… shouted and all. He simply told me he stopped loving me since the first time and then broke up. With a wounded ego, I sent insulting messages to the “friend”. The guy called me and threatened me on top again. 🥴🥴. Fine gurl like me

4) Dating any oau guys scares me cause most of them are womanizers and Yahoo guys

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5) I really liked him and I thought the feeling was mutual, we had so much going on. It remained just to put the official boyfriend/ girlfriend tag on it. But It had to stop on grounds of religion 🤧. I’ll always cherish those moments though and always remember the kisses we shared. It just hurts so much because I still love him.

6) The werey was legit seeing another girl,I was actually suspecting though,he denied all allegations and said I’m imagining things 😂😂,we went for overnight together,I gave him the best orgasm at amphitheater and broke up with him right where he was giving her head a night before

7) Love can make you look stupid but does that mean you are really stupid?..Hmm love sha na so I date girl for that faculty of education na so she collect money from me claiming she is going to her uncle’s ….Girls can be mad sha na another guy place this babe go Infact she go f*vk and the most painful part the guy camped her for days while I was playing Yemi my lover ..Damn that Virginity was suppose to be mine …. We thank God got life

8) I still dey chop my breakfast Sha, it’s continuous until Idk. I’ve been dating him now almost a year, he’s in part 4 and I’m in 1,so we work together somewhere,he does a lot of things that I don’t like,talk to me anyhow in public,compares me with other ladies,makes himself prior in arguments and s*3x and so on. But I no fit leave am ,na hin disvirgin me

9) Well, OAU has taught me lots of lesson. Lol, my breakfast experience with an OAU guy 😂. He said he loved me and he wanted to take me to his parents unknownly He wanted to sleep with me and just run away. I thought it was real, almost gave him my body but then I changed my mind. So, one day I called him and he told me it was over. We actually had an issue and I just wanted explaining things to him but he said I shouldn’t disturb him and the girl he’s with. That was when I realized, that with all the sweet words, Some guys are just terribly wicked. I experienced lots of bad things as a fresher but then, I really want to advise us. Instead of receiving all this while don’t we focus on Christ. He sticks closer than a brother ❤️.

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10) I’m not an OAU student tho but my boyfriend dey OAU . Omoo the breakfast wey i chop don pass all the one wey i read. I don’t even know where to start from. So we were normal friends at first started dating omo we had s*3x countless times he took my virginity tho when i got back to school he was always complaining that I’m richer than him sha because the school wey i dey better pass e own naso my guy start yahoo con tell me say he no love me again say many babes dey around him o after everything wey i do … like i go cook ,wash cloth all in the name of good girl I don suffer for this life. But me don curse am say if e no beg me e no go better for him

11) You guys might not really key into the story because I always feel like I’m not able to express my pain each time I share this story….. I had this guy that liked me like very much but I was doing hard girl hard girl 😂 so I started reciprocating and boom baba served me hot hot… that’s the first one
Then I met this guy hmmmm good looking, reserves and funny but wooo all na scam. When he approached me I declined because I can’t experience the breakfast thing twice , that’s what I thought smiles… I later agreed oo
He just changed and each time I asked him if I did something wrong he would say no. We broke up and he came back after a while only for me to find out he has a girl he was into right from the start. Like damn…. wooo if you have anybody in your life always have it at the back of your mind that the person might be cheating. Na so I chop another one oo. Awon were with nonsense pick up lines…. don’t believe that guy that’s what he tells every other girl
Don’t let him make you feel sorry at all times. Oluwa a wa pelu e

12) All this na cock and bull story….. I got more enlightened that lady are way brutal than guys this days, na ladies people go.listen to if dem give u breakfast them self, na dem people go listen to also if u break up wt them, guys have no say……. Guys no go talk, out of 10 how many guys do you see??? Avoid O.A.U girls especially those that form religious sisters, avoid them big time avoid every babes in O.A.U i repeat, they know how to manipulate people like crazy….. Mine was in part 2 tho…. Walked every nooks and crannies of campus wt this lady, we dey everly walk and gist overnight…. I think say is just the last bus stop ni…. We started part 1…. Omo i nur see hostel get for part 2 bayi…… She try cope by part2 first semester…. Part2 second semester bayi omo ale lady yi gbe daddy e ni goal goal……. No reasons tho she just wanted out, months later she confessed she was in another relationship wt her male bestie,,, tho i have heard the news before she confessed tho….. Bt here we are…… Baba dey bounce. And because one done do bad, make i do am for another lady…

13) So I started chatting with this my coursemate during Corona break,we been seeing each other in class tho but never talked. This guy was all over me and practically kept asking me out all through the break,told him I wasn’t interested cos I was in a relationship then,tho a bad one but still a relationship and of course,I wasn’t interested in him. Fast forward to resumption,we started seeing and somehow I fell madly in love with this guy😭,like I feel so deep for him.
Story cut short, needed to clear things with my partner and all through,I let this my new love know everything, didn’t hide it from him. Visited my partner to cut ties,na where I f*vk up be that.
My newly found love counted it as cheating,we talked about it and I thought he forgave me.
Sadly,we resumed second semester and he broke up,I was shocked and lost. To think he was so sweet to me a week before that,I was totally heartbroken cos I was honest with him all through our relationship and I haven’t been in love with anyone like that before.
I begged and begged but that wouldn’t bring him back.
It’s been 5 months but I’m still lost and I don’t think I’m getting over this real soon.

14) This is not a breakfast experience but what I noticed from many breakfast I’ve heard here and there……. I’ll advice anyone reading this never to assume you’re in any form of relationship with someone just because you’re his/her favorite or you talk every day, abi you do this or that…..You can be very close to someone to the extent that people will think you’re dating, it’s normal..But Ladies never assume you’re in a relationship if he never ask you out and never accept any form of relationship cos of pity, but cos you love, I pray he loves you back .lol….For guys, the mistake you do make is that you think you love at first sight, that’s not Love!, It’s just an attraction (who no like better thing)…Try to be her friend, if you’re compatible and you noticed she’s that type you like.Shoot your shot….And if you don’t, then move,,,but your eye no go comot that Barca and Chelsea….Command enter heaven lemme see…I think I’ve help you?!!!!!

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15) So…There is this guy I really like and I’m physically, mentally attracted to him. He told me he has a girlfriend but still likes me and frankly, I believe. I know he likes me and I like him too but I want to be more than a girl he likes. I want him to choose me, crazy but that’s exactly what I want. Don’t judge me, I am not trying to steal somebody’s boyfriend, their relationship is a mess actually, like a big mess but I guess it’s just hard to pack your bag and leave a relationship for years even though it’s not going anywhere. That’s my plight and predicament.

16) That’s how I met this fresher in my finals, we fell in lovee and all those other things. I then asked her out but she told me she needed time, so I did, till covid happened. Thats when we had our problems, a long time crush of hers asked her out too. Let’s not forget she had not said yes to me, for like two weeks she was very conflicted about choosing someone. I even began to have hope when she kept coming to me for advice on many other things. Omo she chose the guy I The thing really broke me. I know I can be unstable in relationships but this one really broke me. I don’t think I can form nlany lasting feelings with anyone again. I know she didn’t play me but it’s not any less painful.

Haàa! Nah only God fit save us from this yeye breakfast. I sabi say as you dey read, you sef remember your breakfast tori, you dey think say you for share am arbi? No worry, Inside OAU Innovations go soon bring another opportunity for you.

If e get one experience wey you don dey wait for tete, wey Inside OAU never bring, abeg put am for comment section. We dey here for una!


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