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Meet OAU Finest Photographer, Adedire Abiodun.


Adedire Abiodun is a documentary, street, and travel photographer who specializes in telling stories via images. He began photographing when he was sixteen years old. As his interest in photography grew over time, so did his passion for it.

Abiodun is a photographer who enjoys photographing both beautiful and thrilling scenes. He enjoys meeting people from all cultures. He’s a professional member of the African Photojournalism Database (APJD), a World Press Photo and Everyday Africa collaboration.

He’s a well-known artist who’s known for his unique storytelling abilities, which allow people to connect with the message on a deeper, more personal level.

He was part of the few privileged photographers that covered the 45th Convocation of Obafemi Awolowo University in which the Vice President of the Federation the person of Yemi Osinbajo was present. Also, other notable persons that graced the occasion were Rotimi Aketi; Governor of Ondo State, Adegboyega Oyetola; Governor of Osun State and the royal majesty of Ile Ife; The Ooni Of Ife.


Inside OAU Innovation had an exclusive interview where he revealed his stances about his photography passion and his course towards its achievement. It was sure a fun and educating conversation with him. He possesses a great sense of humor. And with him there was never a dull time.

Below are the full elements of the interview with Adedire Abiodun


IOI: Can we meet you? Giving us a brief of your background.

OAC:  I’m Adedire Abiodun Christopher. A 300-level student at Obafemi Awolowo University.  I hail from Osun state


IOI:  Could you tell us when you started your photography career??

OAC:   That was 2018/2019 when I left high school .I was 16 years old at the time.


IOI: At that relatively young age, how did you discover that you had a perk for photography?

OAC: I have always always wanted to capture things and especially moments around me…So, I started with my mobile phone (Itel S11) then, it got stolen which made moved to TECNO Spark 3 for my mobile photography


IOI: Beautiful. What would you say you do like most about being a photographer?

OAC:  I’d say it is quite a lot of numerous things. But if I’m to pick, it has to be the ability to tell stories from my perspective. It is so much peculiar to me.

The ability to show people stuffs from my point of view.


IOI: Well, it is not easy being a photography especially a renowned one as you, so would you say is the most difficult part of being a photographer for you?

OAC: For the category of my photography, which is documentary photography, I would say leaving your comfort zone and going out to capture random beautiful or eye catchy moment is a bit stressful.


IOI: Earlier you mentioned your category of photography, how would you describe your type of photography??

OAC: I am more into street, documentary and travel photography. They are more of exploring than just taking random images.


IOI: How then would you describe your photography style, the journey, the exploration and all?

OAC: Nothing but fantastic.




IOI: What do you think is more significant about your photography style or that makes your standout from others?

OAC: I would say it is my storytelling skills People to an amazing extent can relate well with my posts and captions too.


IOI:  In your line of work, I’m sure you’ve had numerous amazing days, but of which can you say is the most memorable to you?

OAC: The day @dreymide gave me my first camera. I can never forget that day in my life. That day was my most memorable moment.




IOI: How have you been able to joggle your scheme of profession with your academic undertones considering the fact that OAU is known for “sport and STRUGGLE”?

OAC: Omooo I’ve not been able to joggle anything ooh…I just try to keep on creating whenever I’m free so I have lot of contents down.


IOI: Our audience would like to know if you’d like to do this in the long run as a career??

OAC: For me, photography is more like a hobby. I do it because I totally enjoy it.


IOI:  What then would you say is your ideal career Job?

OAC: I’m studying to be a Microbiologist, then I’m a bigger lover of politics. So definitely something related to that.


IOI: What inspires your shots?

OAC: My love for stories and just because this is fun to me


IOI: Recently, you had handled the convocation shoots in which the Vice President of the nation among other notable personalities were present. How did you feel about that??

OAC:  I can’t lie to you it feels really good


IOI: Do you have an unforgettable experience of a down moment in your line of profession?

OAC: No. All glory to God things has been going smooth. Hopefully it continues like that.


IOI: What would you have done differently in your career life, if you had it to do over?

OAC: I’d love to have been able to create more and be more disciplined


IOI: What are some of the principles that you have lived by? What guides you?

OAC. Omooo! God alone guides me. My compass.


IOI:  Our audience would like to know what the respectable photographer does in his leisure time

OAC: I surf the internet; I am always learning and I do make sure to rest and also take out time to enjoy myself


IOI:  Do you have cool favorite photography spot on Campus?

OAC: A spot? Everywhere on the campus is cool. OAU is Africa Most Beautiful Campus for a reason.


IOI:  What would you say is your philosophy of life?

OAC: If God be for you, who can be against you?


IOI:  Do you have role models or people that inspire you?

OAC: A lot of people actually. But just going to mention one. Big shout-out to @dreymide


IOI:  Our audience would like to connect with you on social media platforms. what are your handles?

OAC: @oacthecreator You can follow and check my profile right there.


IOI: Lastly, if there’s any advice you’d like to let out to budding photographers out there, what would it be?

OAC: Don’t stop learning, keep doing that stuff, trust God and work from rest.


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