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OAU campus as it is called is Africa most beautiful campus. In a bid to live up to its name, many renovations have been going on from Health sciences lecture theatre to Chemical engineering lecture theatre to AUD 1 and 11 to 1000 sitters, to BOO.

The most amazing of all lecture theatres has just been completed. I know what you’re thinking and I’m not overhyping this, Ajose used to be the most beautiful lecture theatre to me, but now, this lecture theatre is beating Ajose’s beauty.

Have you seen BOO lecture theatres???
How can you see it when school is on break, you’ve probably been seeing just one picture flying around, I’m sure when you go through to the end you’d be marvelled as I was when I saw it.

BOO that has several missing chairs, moving tables and is very uncomfortable to stay for a very long time is now OAU mini heaven! Imagine taking lectures and your brain settling with the air conditioner and a comfortable well-foamed chair, I’m sure you would not want the lectures to end.

Entrance to OAU BOOA
Behold the beauty from afar

Well, beautiful lecture theatres like that are not for general classes. I guess it is high time biological sciences students started taking pride in their lecture theatres. Some of us might remember what happened when the Health sciences lecture theatre was just renovated, the shakara was too much. Faculty of Arts students would have done the same if their lecture theatre wasn’t locked. I hope our shakara isn’t short-lived when it gets locked up.

Whether it’s locked or not, we should still take pride in our beautiful lecture theatres.

I hope you all are ready for resumption now!!! Because many beautiful lecture theatres await us.

Well, except BOOC that hasn’t been completed, the pictures of BOOA and BOOB can continue to fly around.

Entrance to BOOA
BOOC lecture theatre renovation in progress
Newly renovated BOO obafemi Awolowo University

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