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#Freshmen101- 6 Problems you will face as a Freshers And Their Solutions


The reality of the phrase “problem no dey finish” is very visible on OAU campus. Freshers are welcomed by these realities as they are new to the system. These problems can be funny, frustrating and stressful. Well, let’s not forget that there is no problem without a solution. A list of some problems to be encountered in no particular order and their likely solutions are:

1. Hostel registration

This is where the first headache starts most especially if you were given accommodation on campus. You can’t avoid this as it is important to get an ID card that you will use while entering the halls of residence.


Considering the long journey some may have gone through, instead of stressing yourself to do it that day, you can always do it early the following day to avoid queuing for long.

2. Faculty/department registration

The queue here will always be long most especially for departments with large numbers of students. Sometimes those registration officials can be annoying they will be done for the day and instead of letting one know, they will watch you as you wait.


A large number of people will rush to do their registration the first three days and the waiting line will be so long. Instead of waiting, you can go for ICT training first and do the registration later that week.

3. Lack of water

There are certain periods when water won’t be available for days and if it eventually flows, you might not be opportune to fetch due to the queue always present at the tap side. It is even worse during the dry season when the wells will be dry too.


Having kegs will be good and make sure they are always filled

4. Invitations from fellowships

From the very day that freshers come into the residence, get ready to know different fellowship names and some you might have not heard before. They will be outside your hostel to help you with loads, registration, and even free cafe services. They will also collect your phone number, call to check on you, visit and then invite you to their fellowship. Some of them can be annoying with the way they carry out their invitations.


Be clear on your stance. If you already have a place to attend in mind, let the other people that invite you know.

5. Transport hike

This is a period for most bike men to make more money. They will charge you double the actual amount you are meant to pay.


Have an idea of the price it costs to reach your destination.

6. Health centre registration

If you are not registered with OAU health centre and you eventually break down they won’t attend to you. During the first three days when this starts, a lot of people will be there to do theirs.


If you like suffer head then this is not for you but if you don’t like stress like me gather here. A quick one from me, you can always do the registration anytime but if you want to do it that week, the last two days is preferable.

Always go for any registration early if you don’t want to be kept waiting for long. If you’re not a fresher and you are reading this, please drop your opinions and solutions in the comment section.

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