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As students,sometimes we get broke for one reason or the other. Some students have a reliable and steady source of income while some have to fend for themselves. It is undeniable that sapa is nobody’s mate and breathing at school for a second chokes you with “current or savings?”.

More than half of OAU students struggle to make ends meets, while most of them are at the edge of dropping off. This can most likely be fended off by taking up one or two part-time jobs based on your free time. Part-time jobs aren’t only for those trying to make ends meet but also for students trying not to be idle or relying on their parents all the time.

The following are lists of part time jobs you can take up as a student of OAU:

1. Academic Tutor

Taking your strong academic points to your advantage, you can earn loads of money by tutoring students struggling with that subject. Set academic goals with your students, meet with them frequently until the goals are met. If tutoring students around your age doesn’t sit right with you, you can tutor students preparing for UTME, POST-UTME etc.

2. Fitness Instructor

If you love engaging in fitness sports,why not monetize it by teaching students yoga, spin, and more provided your gym has proper certification. This gives you a good feeling as you engage in something you love and at the same time getting others fit too. You can fix a time convenient for you and your students most probably in the evening or/and weekends


A freelance job is a job where you a person works for themselves rather than for a company. Freelancers are rather self-employed but some work as contract workers for some companies. Examples of freelancing jobs are freelance writing, freelance graphic designing etc. Examples of websites where you can work as a freelancer are Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal etc. You can easily charge $50 for article of 1,500 words while a more experienced person can charge $150 or more for the 1,500 word article.

4. Barista

A barista makes beverages especially coffee beverage. There are many students that go for overnight reading on campus. Look for a spot that many students gather to have their reading and open a small stall. Students need beverages most especially coffee(caffeine) to keep them awake. This is a very good way of making income daily. Your stall and its location(s) should be approved and certified by the school management.

5. Fast Food Attendant

A student can work at a fast food restaurant either on campus or off campus. Fast food attendants take food orders and serve them to customers or make sure it gets delivered to the customer if it needs to be delivered. There are numerous fast food restaurants on and off campus that you can apply to.

6. Sales Representative For A Work From Home Company

If you have a top-notch persuasive skill, you should consider working as a sales rep for companies. These companies allow you to work from the comfort of your house with little time and effort. An example of a work from home company is Google(Admob), Dell, ySense etc

7. Blogging

Blogging is the act of creating a content e.g photography,writing etc for a blog. Some bloggers earn six figures a month, while others earn less or more. However, to monetize effectively, you must register your domain name and host your blog. This will provide you with an unlimited number of monetization alternatives, such as affiliate marketing, ad networks, or sales of digital products.

If efforts and dedication are put in part-time jobs, not only will you feed yourself daily,you also get to save extra income. This is not an easy feat, however, students should learn how to balance between their part-time jobs and their education not making one affect the other.

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