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Moz101 : All you need to know about AngloMoz Parol


Here at the king of all universities in the ancient Yoruba city called a place of dispersion, several activities and events are put in place to defend her motto: For Learning and Culture. Aside from academics, social activities in this institution have always been included in every student’s agenda on campus.

At Obafemi Awolowo University, a very common center known for maximum social activity is the infamous Anglomoz Park. Anglomoz is coined from the words Angola and Mozambique, which are the halls of residence of fresh male and female students respectively. This park demarcates Angola hall and Mozambique hall which are opposite each other.

At Anglomoz, some freshmen are in search of the love of their lives. Those that offer MOZ 101 take their lectures at Anglomoz. When you see freshmen from Fajuyi hall or ETF hall well dressed at night and heavily perfumed with a piquancy that produces an aura of romance and
attraction, we can easily predict that these kings are off to Anglomoz to hunt for their queens. These young men rush the queens like they would rush as e dey hot or risky burger.

Just like we have it in a football match, at Anglomoz there are two major types of people:
1. Those who are on the field of play actively shooting shots to score at a queen.

2. Those who are the spectatorsset awon I just dey observe.

Love birds at Anglomoz make the single birds jealous. Comrade where is your queen? Queen where is your comrade?

Anglomoz is the genesis of an OAU student’s heartbreak. Love birds meet with intimacy during their freshman year and eventually separate by the electrostatic forces of staleness. Is there a possibility that love birds from Anglomoz avoid repulsion overtime and take themselves to the registry?

Guest Post by Victor Oyebola
The Author
Victor Oyesola is a Public Speaker, Content writer and Medical Science Enthusiast.

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