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As you all know, we all have different experiences on OAU campus, crazy, funny and unforgettable ones. 17 OAU Students shares their craziest experience on OAU campus

1. This was how I met this guy tho we have been chatting for like two months now, I thought we had something buh he was just a liar and one of this scums around, always going to mosque and praying as if he is the next Alfa……. I hate you with my whole life and I don’t think I can ever forgive you…… Your prayers can never be answered,bastard!!!!

2. See ehn nobody for OAU holy. I remember I had an issue with a course so I went to pray at white wall, I met a babe there praying. I greeted and started praying too. After sometime she asked that we join hands and pray together, that were 2 or 3 are gathered there he is. Wo see long story short, I f*cked her there at white wall, she followed me home and we f*cked again. H*rny bastard

3. A fresher literally asked me out. Felt weird as a part3 gal at first , funny thing is he was inviting me for mountaineering and their hangout shii.. I told him I can’t o.. but he’s actually genuine and innocent in a way, liked that about him… But to date a fresher as a stallite is a topic for another day. Just cool friends now sha

4. I legit had s*x with a coursemate at an overnight reading, it was so cold that night and I flowed with the vibe, it’s not comfortable due to the fact that it’s not on a comfy bed, but I liked it, f*ck, he was amazing, he almost shifted my womb, lol, I want more of him and I’m getting it because he likes me, he’s my first and I want him been the last if life permit, I guess I’m intoxicated and he drives me crazy

5. Hehehehe I usually visit my crush in front of moz though and Omo many times I’ll get stuck on campus cos I live off k and buses close by 10:30 ….I’ve sha slept on those bunks without mattresses in ETF hostel twice and once in odlt I’m always with my guys sha (funny thing ion know if this chic likes me back )

6. This oau ehhhh It’s full of surprise’s. For this admissions process, they bit more they can chew. Can you imagine someone that wanted to study medicine he was given crop production (see downgrading). Law was given literature in English computer science to building (abeg watin them was build. Even the school said all those newly admitted students into building should sign undertaken (promising not to change or transfer from building to another department)

7. As a freshman I decided to join the Athletes ……one day of training I nearly died Nobody told me before i disappeared

8. I literally removed all my clothes at main bowl around 6:30pm wen I fell down inside soilder antit was crazy,I was completely nak*d

9. Went to read in LIBRARY in my normal spot, and their was another lady sitting at the other side of the table we couldn’t see each other because of the table demarcation, all of a sudden my friend called me so I left to meet him and we both came back to my reading spot, on our way to my sit, we just saw the lady sitting at the other side of the table with her legs resting on the lower middle table legs holder, spread her legs wide open with everything on display. Ha! My friend walked up to her and to her in a rude way “my friend close your legs abi you want to give birth here”.

10. My experience is very crazy. I took a REL course and did not attend the class throughout the semester as per party girl na. A night to the exam, omo my eyes clear… Nothing dey my head. I contacted some of my mates to help with materials to read no one helped o.. I just called the Class Rep of Rel Na so the guy help me out, told me there was going to be a tutorial that night at Law basement. I went for the tutorial, the guy talked I no even understand anything. After all the talk the guy just sat with me overnight and helped me out without sleeping… I entered the exam hall and what the guy explained came out. Na so I get B for the course wey i no Sabi. Till date, I dey respect that guy. Thanks bro

11. So this should be around 2018 or so. The hear Zlatan came around. The almighty season of “Winter is coming”. So me and the boys went to the show normally.. to gatecrash though. Show was going on. Operation was successful. We got in. Suddenly Amphitheatre stage became so full, we could barely see Zlatan again. Next thing everybody was running. Pretty sure I beat Bolt’s 100m record that night sha

12. One of my craziest experience was the day I f*cked my girlfriend. She was claiming she was a virgin so I had to convince her before we later f*cked, which I then realized that she wasn’t really a virgin. We fu*cked on several occasions after that, even in the shower lol. We don chop breakfast sha, but I still miss f*king her. Jumoke I miss you

13. I took one babe all the way from moz to Agric topmost floor round 1 and from there to the zoo for round 2… U Gerrit??

14. Jesus loves everyone not minding their past,he already took care of the past to handle the present and the future. Only those who believe in His saving grace and accepting this free gift of God by faith,will enjoy all that God has in reserve for their lives. I have not really done anything serious but I Remember the day I trekked from Awo to AP axis and I used my 50naira to buy Gala and I ate it as a consolation price for myself

15. One of my experience hmmm,i went to FBLt with my boo,there we were so engross and started doing some shit..Naso Security on touch light into our face oo My boo almost enter ground

16. The fact that I never had any girl all through my years on oau is sad I never taste fine ladies for oau

17. Made out in Health Sciences with my ex, I was dripping wet that night. I know you can see this and you know I want more every f*cking day.

I hope you all enjoyed reading from other person’s craziest Experience on OAU campus! Thank you for reading

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