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Food is one of the most essentials in living, to survive and gain energy, you just have to eat. The situation of the country is what it is now, buying food isn’t really advisable as the cost of these stuffs is really outrageous.
As a man or a woman, you have to know how to cook at least 7 of these to survive in this country.

1. Concotion Rice

Concotion rice is one of the most essential foods, you must know how to prepare concotion rice, because Jollof rice seems really hard, whenever you crave jollof, you’ll just combine everything together, then enjoy your low budget jollof rice.

2. Rice and Beans

You’re surprised rice surfaced again, actually, you all know we don’t really have many food stuffs in this country, you just have to turn same foodstuff into another type to have a new taste, so one of it is combining rice and beans together to give another taste entirely. When you’re tired of Rice, you’ll try rice and beans, that’s why it’s part of the food you must know how to cook.

3. Yam/Potato Porridge

On days you can’t afford this expensive stuff called Egg, you just have to try something else within your budget. So, learn to prepare porridge if you only know how to prepare yam.

4. Beans

Why will you not know how to cook beans?? Omoooo! You just have to know how, because how will you cope, beans is the lifesaver, it remains when all foodstuffs finish, that’s the savior that time oo.

5. Eba

If you cannot turn eba, what else do you know how to do? Because you definitely cannot turn semo or poundo yam, not to talk of Almighty Amala! You just must know ni.

6. Moi-moi

You don’t know how to prepare moi-moi and you’re from this part of the world? What is Saturday food in your house then? Moimoi is a life saver too, because just one cup can make you about 3-5 moi-moi, takes time, but it’s enjoyable.

7. Akara

you don’t know how to prepare Akara? Your husband and wife material isn’t complete, as a man you shouldn’t get married and as a woman you shouldn’t get married too, because Akara is one of the easiest things to prepare.

8. Fried rice

Our lives evolve around this particular grain, so you should be able to convert rice into different things, one of it is fried rice, low budget and high budget, depending on your pocket, choose your fried rice wisely.

9. Spaghetti and noodles

Almighty live savers, if you don’t know how to prepare it, I wonder how you’re surviving in this country, because how? When you’re late for work, what do you prepare? When you’re really hungry, arbi nah cereals you dey always chop?

10. Egusi soup

Egusi with vegetable or just ordinary egusi, your taste buds must always suffer, because how can you always eat red soup, e no dey tire you?

You have to know how to prepare some foods to survive in this country, because, how sef?

If you can’t prepare at least 7, I need to question your Nigerian citizenship! Now tell me, are you Nigerian🌚?

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