Thursday, February 22, 2024

8 Disturbing Traits Of Every IPhone User


Opening the floor to relieve the pain of android users and the incessant humiliation from iPhone users. Must we use our virgin land investment to buy phone though? 

Using android in Nigeria con be like death sentence, if you’re not using an iPhone then you’re not there. There’s this pyramid that has been created and Samsung users seem to be the only ones capable of fighting this battle for other android users (not to cause an internal casualty).

One of the few sets of people that think they’ve made it in life are iPhone users. Yes! I’m a bittered Android user.

   Below are the traits of iPhone users:

1. Mirror pictures

Every time they want to take shots, they must reach front of mirror. It looks like if they don’t snap in front of the mirror, the picture won’t be complete. Yeye people!

2. Screen-record

Whenever they want to screen record and upload, even when they can easily cut out the iPhone characteristics, they’ll still upload all so you can know they’re in the iPhone geng.

3. Ringtone

Infact, because of their ringtone infinix has included it in its default ringtone. Anywhere they go their phone must ring.I’ve not seen an iPhone user whose phone is on silent before, probably the phone doesn’t support silent who knows (high budget chinko product).

4. Power Banks

The highest number of power bank users are iPhone users. You’ll see them holding a phone with charger on the mouth, you can easily tell it’s an iPhone and the powerbank is in the bag/pocket. In this country with light that’s like blue moon and fuel like gold, it is easy to tell that these ones are robbers. How else are they able to charge phone and charge power bank?

5.Sapa Lovers

Sapa isn’t new to iPhone users and the reason is not far fetched. Their account is always like radio frequency because that phone they’re carrying is their life investment. Something that drains one can’t be considered an asset talkless of an investment, yeah? Their ‘investment’ needs to be fed with heavy ‘investments’ for them to join us on the bird, green and clout app. It’s a drag really but that’s the life they’ve chosen. God forbid us use money to buy trouble.

6. Proud photographers

Every android user can relate to this petty act of iPhone users. How can you take pictures of me with your phone and you won’t send till I beg you with the god of iron? It’s like their huge phone space is the issue here because to even collect the pictures from their phones we still need to delete screenshots and some apps. Apple no do well ooo

7. Bagless/Pocketless 

Do I need to explain this point? They are always walking around with that phone because it can’t stay hidden. To them it’s like smoke and since you can’t hide smoke, you can’t pocket an iPhone ever.

8. Elites

They feel they are the elites and android users are peasants. They feel like big and they will stop at nothing to ensure you know the correct version of the iPhone they’re on. That is their badge of honour and you need to put some respect on their names. 

I know the Android user reading this is feeling the same way. You can also add yours in the comment section.

Co-written with: Rukayat Oluwa

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