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I swindled the tinder swindler:Toke Makinwa shares story of a man who tried to swindled her.


The movie “The Tinder Swindler” has been a hit since it was released on Netflix .It has got people talking for the past few weeks and it has not stop.This documentary is one of it kind.Even Toke Makinwa no wan carry last(lol),She narrated her own personal experience during “Toke moments” titled tinder Swindler review.Toke Makinwa said the guy is a liar and he tried to swindled her of millions of naira. Here is what Toke Makinwa said:

I had a guy try to do this to me before. When I was watching, I kept calling my assistant to scream. This man sought me out. He must have budgeted at least N50 million to date me because that’s what they do. They rob Peter to pay Paul. They have a plan. They’re jobless motherfuckers. They find women that they’ll probably see online and think “Ah, if it’s just to date TM, it will be good for my profile.” This guy approached me with work. “Oh, I have this job thing for you. This documentary.” I will never forget. And me I dey find work. So of course I’m like “Ah, for me and my manager to make this meeting, you have to pay us appearance fee.” The guy said, “Appearance fee, no worry.”We appeared at the place. The appearance fee was $10,000, he paid. That was the first suspect but at that point I thought maybe they’re serious about this documentary. No problem. From there it was “Okay let’s go to this place,” he would charter private jet.That’s how this guy started saying “No don’t worry, we’ll sort out this documentary, these people are yet to get back to me. But what are you doing later on?” He was now trying to get to know me right? He would be like “Oh what are you up to today?” You people kuku already know there’s no shame in my game. I said let me test the guy’s pocket. I said “I like Birkin bags.” The man bought two at the same time. Of course in my mind I said “God has answered my prayers. I’ve met the man of my dreams. This is my husband. I’m going to marry this guy.” Ah! This guy. Liar!
They spend money o! Maybe for the first two months, they spend money. They will send you flowers, jewelry, everything because it is a budget. They budget to date you. They know that if they want to date somebody this high profile, they have to act like they have money. I knew something was odd because all the guy’s cars, every car had the wrapper. I thought that was strange. Bobo get security oh, but every car he arrives in has the wrapper like it’s a brand new car. Maybe he was renting those cars sef, I don’t know.
But when he now became Simon (Leviev’s) brother, he didn’t tell me Peter down, blood everywhere, my enemies are after me. This guy woke up in the morning, just a normal morning and said “Hey baby,Check your account, I just sent you N40 million because my princess can’t be without money.” I said, “Okay no problem.”He called back in a couple of minutes, “Babe is the money there?” I said, “The money hasn’t entered.” He said, “Maybe it’s network.” He even had transfer proof. These people are deep.That’s how he now said to me, “Oh baby I’m going on a flight now, you might not reach me for a couple of hours. Please I’m sending you something. Help me make this payment. It’s just N5 million. You can keep the N35 million but just help me pay the N5 million.”

  1. Now a maga would think “N40 million, if I remove N5 million, it’s still good, I’m earning N35 million.” But you see my mama born me well. I will wait for the money to enter before I make any fucking transfer.Three hours later, the guy called “Babe, did you do the transfer?” I said, “Honey, I didn’t do it oh because the money did not come.” He said, “I have to call the bank right now, hold on.” He called someone and started shouting “Are you crazy? My wife didn’t get the N40 million.” Ole! Oloshi! Me I now told the guy “Ah, as you can see, my light is bad. My generator stopped working.” Everyday I dey get bill.He tried this thing with me like four times. The guy knew I was not the one. So I was the one that guyed him in the end. I chopped all the presents that I got. He did not see 1 naira of my money.Wawuuuu,That was hot.You will agree with me that Toke is a sharp girl. So what do you think of Toke Makinwa’s story or you have a similar experience,let’s know in the comment section.But wait,don’t tell me you’ve not watched it. If yes go and see it, you will thank me later.

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