Tuesday, July 23, 2024

5 Things To Avoid When Visiting An OAU Hostel


OAU provides accommodation on its campus for some individuals. The hostels are usually filled with a lot of persons in the room thereby making privacy difficult. A number of things to avoid when visiting a hostel on OAU include

1. Avoid walking on the lawns

I say this not necessarily because its a rule in the hostel. All thanks to the lack of constant water supply in the halls of residence, some people take to defecating in the ground and covering it. To avoid matching feaces, please avoid the lawns and follow the right passage.

2. Don’t look in the gutters

The gutters are nothing to right home about. Hostel residents dey do wonders. They throw disgusting stuff inside the gutters most especially female hostels. Get ready to see washed used pad, food remanant and things that can make you throw up. For your own good, avoid looking into the gutters.

3. Avoid the bathrooms /toilet

Even the hostel residents don’t enjoy going to the bathrooms because of how messed up it is. When some persons are passing/ visiting, they tend to peep at the bathroom segment and I wonder what you want to see but doing that is at your own peril.

4. Avoid the waste bins

Some people don’t know how to dispose leftovers and they just throw it like that in the waste bins. Some females throw used pads without even warping it. The dust bin should not fancy your attention and to avoid seeing nonsense, look away

5. Don’t forget your nose mask

All thanks to God for nose mask in our lives . When entering the hostel, you would first be welcomed with the stench of urine. Don’t put your nose in danger, go with your nose mask.

You may have had terrible experiences during a visit to OAU hostel. Do well to share with us in the comment section.

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