Friday, April 19, 2024

Osun Worshippers Storm The Senate Building To Protest Against the New VC


Following the appointment of the New VIce chancellor,Professor Simeo Bamire, there has been an uproar among Ife indigenes. They claim an Ife indigene has never emerged as the Vice chancellor of the university and for this reason, they decided to put up a dramatic protest. We could recall that the protest began the very minute Professor Simeo Bamire was appointed as the new VC .

As seen in the video above , ife indigenes aren’t here to joke. After various forms of protest they have finally aggravated the situation of things by summoning the gods. For a moment we thought , the legendary film maker Kunle Afoloyan was shooting another Epic Yoruba drama or probably dramatic arts students were staging their rehearsal openly. Unfortunately this is no movie,but a real life situation . Watch Video above

Earlier today , Inside OAU Media reported that ife indigenes blocked all gates and aren’t allowing anyone in or out of campus . We implore everyone of us to stay at our various places of residence till everything dies down.

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