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5 Things To Do To Make This Easter A Memorable One


It’s Easter period and this is a memorable celebration in the life of every Christian. It is a period we get to specially celebrate the freedom that God granted to humanity through the death of his son Jesus Christ on the cross. It’s not a happy moment for the Christians only as public holiday is usually declared for the benefit of all. We all have our ways of celebrating this period but to make this year own special, there are certain things we need to do to make this celebration a memorable one

1. Reunite with your friends and family

Everyone has been busy with work and life, even siblings have not seen each other since last Christmas, this is the best time for reunion. To make it memorable, take your friends and family to amazing places out there, do some catch ups and stay out till night. It doesn’t come everyday, stay out all day, don’t think about work, house chores or anything, just have fun and fun alone.

2. Go for Movies/Games or Date

It’s celebration period and not some time to stay lonely in your room. Take yourself out on a date, go see movies or go for games, whichever way, just have fun.

3. Forgiveness

A lot of persons have people they are holding in their mind. Having a free mind can boost ones life span. To enjoy this period to the fullest, forgive all those that may have wronged you. Besides, this season preaches forgiveness and it would be great to actually practice it.

4. Visit the less privileged

There are certain people who are struggling to survive. This is a season to show love just as God did by giving us his son. Try and put a smile on the face of someone. No matter how small the gift may be, don’t go empty handed for your visit

5. Spread love

Jesus Christ is the definition of love, even God showed us love by giving us Jesus Christ. Express love to your neighbors, colleagues, friends and even family.

I’m sure we have our opinions as to making this period memorable, we’d like you all to share with us in the comment section.
From all of us at Trybecity, Happy Easter!

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