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Top 5 Most Used iPhones In OAU


As we all know Obafemi Awolowo University is a school where the battle is so tough in all areas of life,as e tough academically,e though spiritually (if you know you know),infact e tough financially , physically self no carry last,e no clear?chillax , You know oppression here and there,and no be today e start o,e don tey .

The hustle is real in ogba femi . On today’s episode of oppression , we would be ranking Top 5 most used iphones on OAU campus. Here in Africa’s most beautiful campus, iPhones are consider “~a statue of wealth”~ , Holding an iPhone is one of the criteria to being a big boy or girl in Africa’s most beautiful campus , OAU.

Obviously when girls see you with “iPhones with 3 cameras ” you have definitely earned yourself the title of “zadddy” , forget your department, level or body size . There is a popular saying that the only way to earn a Maintenance babe heart is owning an iPhone with 3 cameras , I don’t know how true that is though but I would definitely give it a shot when I finally buy my iPhone .

Just as OAU is one of the most populated universities in Nigeria , the school’s smartphone ecosystem is also one of the biggest with amazing products like Apple . Below are the Top 5 most used iPhones at OAU

1. iPhone X

Apple iPhone X came in September 2017 and can be consider one of the most used iPhones in Nigeria and not just OAU Alone . The iPhone X is Apple’s first phone to use an OLED display, after years of Apple LCDs setting the standard for the industry. Apple iPhone X is packed with 12MP primary and a second 12MP camera. This rear camera setup has phase detection autofocus. Front shooter of the smartphone is of 7MP with an f/2.2 aperture. iPhone X runs on iOS 11 and supports face unlock for security. It has 2716mAh battery with Apple A11, Hexa Core, 2.39 GHz Processor . iPhone X is no doubt the most used iPhone on Campus

2. iPhone XR

People generally have tagged this series of IPhone to be for the ladies , infact guys that uses iPhone XR can be regarded as ma’am . Iphone XR is widely used on OAU campus majorly by ladies , In a gathering of 50 ladies in OAU, you’re most likely to see at least 10-15 person using an iPhone XR .
The iPhone XR is an affordable, yet still very capable alternative to the iPhone XS. It features the same iPhone X-inspired design, along with gesture navigation and Face ID, and the same groundbreaking A12 Bionic system chip. The 6.1-inch screen, however, is an LCD one instead of OLED and has lower, but still Retina-level resolution. The camera on the back is just a single, 12MP unit, but it has a larger sensor and larger pixels for better image clarity. The iPhone XR comes in a variety of fresh new colors, including blue, yellow, coral, and red.

3. iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is basically an S update to last year’s very popular iPhone XR. From the front, it looks exactly the same. It has the same design, the same 6.1-inch 720p LCD with fancy rounded corners, the same giant bezels, and the same aluminum body. The iPhone 11 was released in 2019 with Apple A13 Bionic processor . Apple iPhone 11 was consider one of the cheapest new series of iPhone to be released unlike the other ones . iPhone 11 is no doubt one of the most used iPhones on campus

4. iPhone 7

Old but stupid maintaining beauty , iPhone 7 was announced and released 2016,it has iOS 10.0.1 but was later upgradable to iOS 15.4.1.It has 32GB with 2GB RAM,256GB with 2GB RAM and the chipest is Apple A10 Fusion ,16 nm. iPhone 7 is commonly used by many OAU students due to its affordability .

5. iPhone 11 pro max

This is for those that are bambaming and chilling with the big guys & girls . iPhone 11promax is an improved and upgraded version of iPhone XS max.It uese A13 Bionic chip,it has 20% larger batter than XS,it uses Apple iOS 13,4GB RAM and 64/256/512GB storage. With a phone like IPhone 11 Pro Max , a lot of people would want to be friends with you so they can always use your phone to snap “portraits and selfies” .

Owning an IPhone is low key the dream of every OAU student , especially the people that want to oppress . Apple has dominated the global market so well that it is the first company to be worth over a trillion-dollar. All thanks to the foundation laid by its late CEO, Steve Jobs.

Clearly OAU is a no trenches school .

There are so many series of iPhones in OAU, but the series listed and discussed above are arguably the most popular & Most used iphone series on OAU campus

Is there any I missed? Let me know in the comments.

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