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IOI Picks: Top 10 Departments With The Most Beautiful Ladies In OAU


Getting beautiful ladies is one of our big weakness that even makes our knee quiver and we can’t just take our eyes off the beautiful creation passing by.
Right from their starry eyes, to the glossy hair, even their voice is hypnotic. We don’t know how they did it but some department in OAU seem to have it all, all the beautiful ladies. IOI has picked departments with most beautiful ladies, sit back and enjoy.

Disclaimer: the list below is in no particular order

1. English

You have not seen any beauty if you have not checked out English department ladies. I don’t know how OAU did it that they just decided to pack so many fine ladies in this department despite the fact that the department has numerous students. Omo! Fine girls just plenty for English department.

2. Law

Hmmmm… Going through Faculty of Administration basement to the faculty of law, you cannot help but notice the ladies in black and white. Even when you are walking with your babe, you will definitely be tempted to have a look.. No! I mean a long stare. If you aren’t careful, you’ll be invited you back by your girlfriend’s slap. Ladies in the Faculty of Law are extremely beautiful, I must say!

3. Agricultural Economics

Maybe because they’re Agriculturist, they have access to fresh food and fruit, that’s why their ladies are just too fresh. Kilode? You need to check them out and you will be wowed.

4. Philosophy

The Philosophers! Even Socrates and Emmanuel Kant cannot resist their urge when they set their eyes on Philosophy ladies. If you should go through the department of Philosophy lobby in the Faculty of Arts, you will see what I’m talking about. I could not concentrate in PHL201 class (Introduction to logic). Those girls just dey enter my eyes.

5. Management and accounting

Money! Say money! Lol… Why do you think you can’t take your eyes off those accountants in bank when you go there to make transactions. Omo! It’s because the ladies in Management and Accounting department are fire. You better go there to get your ‘Kokoro Ife’. Once school resumes, I am going there too. Tomi (my friend) has given me an hint since I am searching for a beautiful lady to manage my account – I will give her my ATM card and pin.

6. Biochemistry

It’s just as if the ladies in this department have some chemicals they use in rubbing their body to make them glow. But it’s not the chemical, because they have been this beautiful even before they resumed. Are you searching for a babe? Just go towards BOO lecture theatres and what your eyes would see will make you want to keep frequenting the environment.

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7. Microbiology

As you know microbes have essential things they do to help the body, I guess the ladies there have done their research and are exploring microbes to their satisfaction. Because every time I see them, they appear to be more beautiful. Abi na my eyes dey do tirinrin? Absolutely not, because my guys also confirmed it. Faculty of science just get fine girls anyhow.

8. Dramatic arts

Wait! I’m very sure you all have a crush on one nollywood actress or the other. Don’t tell lies. Yes, I am right. You all are crushing on Bukunmi Oluwasina. Where do you think they are from? Dramatic arts is the source ooo. They produce ladies whose beauty cannot be overemphasized. That is why you always see your department guys around there (I’m sure you didn’t hear anything from me).

9. Food science and technology

Oluwa ooo! You obviously need to see these tech babes. Just make sure you truly love your girlfriend before you go there, else, you will come back home with another love. Your eyes and heart might not be able to resist the urge. It only takes an extraordinarily strong mind to overlook such, not that your flexible mind.

10. Medicine

A visit to College of health sciences, shortly known as College, will make you want to start reading there because your eyes will keep asking for more. Those ladies with very nice, fitting and ironed shirts/blouse and skirt in college of health sciences – Those babes in medicine no go kill person.

If we have successfully helped you in finding where to get your “missing rib” with this article and you have seen where to get your babe, drop your comment in the section below. Also, if you think there is a department that ought to be in the list, drop your thought in the comment section below.

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