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10 Businesses To Start In Nigeria With Less Than #10,000


Do you want to know some businesses you can start with as little as 10k? Worry no more, as I will give you 10 ideas to kick off with. What are the businesses you can begin with less than 10k? A lot of questions on this and here we have the answers, many people see 10,000 as little money- YES, it is but you can begin a business and with the way you operate the business and your smartness, it can make you a millionaire within few months.

The current situation in the country has prompted many Nigerians to open their own business. Many people have marvelled if one can start up a business in Nigeria with such an amount of money? The answer is YES you can. But my question is what can you do?. Yes it has a lot to do with what you can do and how determined you can be, some people will complete reading this post and still can’t discover any business they can initiate, so it all counts on what one can do to make it in life.

Just read on carefully as I reveal to you some businesses you can start in Nigeria. We have a multitude of people who hope to launch a business but don’t know which one to do, most especially students in higher institutions to assist them with school fees or other aspects.

Starting small isn’t a bad idea, many millionaires around the world also launched their businesses with little money, so you’re doing the right thing by starting small. They are:


Affiliate Marketing is one of the simplest online businesses out there. There are a couple of affiliate marketing businesses in Nigeria right now such as Expertnaire, Learnoflix, Affiliated Ng, and flow extra they all pay massive grants to their affiliates for every sale made. However, the cheapest one to join right now is affiliated. Besides being affordable, you can gain 7 several kinds on the platform. Your enrollment fee will also be repaid to you in full. 

As soon as you join, you will be given every training you need to be a successful AffiliatedNg affiliate. You can also become a participant of Flow extra, it is a massive affiliate marketing. All you just need is to pay a registration fee of #2500 and begin to live in affluence, swim in an ocean of wealth and control dollars after being taught the required rudiments about marketing.

There is a lot of legal affiliate marketing that you can ourselves in and become rich overnight. All you just need is to be consistent. Why can’t you try this out and become a money-making machine?


Freelance writing is the kind of intelligent writing you do to get paid. Writers do the expected writing for clients and publishing firms through blog content, sales letter, copywriting, product reviews and descriptions, articles, academic writing, technical writing etc

You don’t even need money to begin. All you need is a laptop or smartphone and your innovative writing techniques. 

Just download the WPS app on your android phone, look for writing gigs online and initiate your writing skills to earn. You can commence the freelancing career right from your home and begin to make steady money. If you already have some writing skills, you can join this writing team and begin to earn. It is highly lucrative as writers are highly compensated for a job well done. A freelancer can never be broke. If at all you want to learn about freelancing, you can learn it with an affordable amount of #5000. Why can’t you put this into action and start making money instead of wallowing in the pool of SAPA? We have apps like Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn etc to help you get jobs online.

3. LAUNDRY services

These days, the laundry career is becoming to being a lucrative business in Nigeria. What is outstanding about this industry is the reality that anybody can begin such a business with no cash or skill.

Laundry service is as easy as washing and ironing items of clothing. Laundry services are delivered to people or enterprises and provided the fact that Nigeria is a highly populated nation, it gives tremendous chances. There are lots of individuals who are too busy with their that they’ll not have the time to clean their clothes. Therefore, a lot of individuals have done rather well to deliver this service to assist such. You can begin by informing your neighbours and friends to notify their neighbours about your laundry business.

If you’re extremely consistent, the demand is satisfactorily big enough to be prosperous in it.  It will even be an outstanding chance to begin a business with no cash as long as you have your iron, washing machine, and a bit of starch. As you get bigger, you can begin to brand and package yourself more. A lot of people have made it in the laundry industry. If you have a passion for it, you should venture into it now and start making cool cash. It is not a crime to start small.

4. Data Reseller

With less than 10,000 Naira you can start a Data Reselling business, this is a very lucrative business and trust me, I have a friend who is into this and prosperous at it, he now owns his own houses, cars etc. When you start Internet Data sales, you realize this business has no pressure at all, what you need is a mobile phone and you are good to go.

As we all know that getting inexpensive data packages is of great interest to most Nigerians be they old or young and because of the increased need for this you can take advantage of it and be prosperous.

To begin this productive business you need to enlist bulk data sellers who will provide you with the forum where you only need to pile up your account with less than 10,000 Naira then you start publicizing your business, you will be given an inexpensive price by the forum you use then you begin to state the price for each data subscription for your buyers. To make it look more distinctive you can get an individual to design a banner for you.

5. Tutoring Business

This is a cool business with nice earnings, it is a profitable business you can begin with less than 10k in Nigeria. The only thing you have to do is to make sure you connect in the community where people attach to education. To begin this type of enterprise doesn’t require money, but you may need money just for transportation.

The most fascinating part of it is that you can coordinate a tutorial online so that you don’t need to transport yourself but the only thing you need to spend money on is Internet Data Subscription. You can also do your teaching job in your buyer’s house or educational bases for JAMB, WAEC etc.

6. Perfume Oil Business

Selling perfume oils is another wonderful business opinion that you can start with as low as  10,000 Naira in Nigeria. Many Nigerians like to smell well with nice scents and perfumes from leading designers around the world. But since a multitude of people cannot pay for high-end perfumes, they turn to perfume oils that give the same fragrances. You can take benefit of this demand and make reasonable money in the technique. All you need to do is to inform your friends and before you know it, you begin to maintain giant strides in it since you’re selling perfume oils of good worth.


This business is different from the social media marketing business. Social media management is the method of creating, scheduling, and analyzing content posted on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To be an extraordinary social media manager, you should take up your prospects by reaching out to people and corporations to assist them to attain new consumers online & improve their prominences.

You could use available versions of planning platforms like Hootsuite and tailwind to get turned on. Once you start supervising a few social media accounts, this will unlock you up to other chances of establishing your billion-dollar ambition and preparing it to come true. Getting employed by companies and doing the business incredibly good will make you outweigh your goals. With these, you begin to live in affluence.


Small chops business, no disbelief, is among one of the fast-rising enterprises in Nigeria turning out in every angle. This is often because it has become an overwhelming menu option on occasions and it’s not difficult to make compared to cooking. Most people confuse making pastries with making small chops. No, they’re not the exact thing. You may be gifted at preparing pastries and different edibles and bad at preparing little chops. Small chops, also known as finger nourishment, are served as part of dishes at parties. However, in recent times, people and businesses nowadays get them arranged in reception or workplace, either for festivity or personal consumption. The need for this convenient and stress-free service has become one of the most profitable and cheapest enterprises you can invest in.

 With this, when you are perfectly good at it, billionaires will call on you to prepare small chops for their occasion which is synonymous with money.


This business includes the breeding, production, and distribution of crops, farm machinery processing, seed supply, marketing, and promoting retail sales. Around 2018, I met a boy named James from Ogun state who was into this small-scale agricultural business. He lost his parent around 2020 and since then, he started a small farm in his backyard. In a nutshell, He is a successful farmer with one of the biggest farms. Hey, you don’t need a big area and a huge amount of cash to get into the agriculture enterprise. If you have a home, you can still plant some crops in small containers to get the most out of your area or find a small planting region around you. Whether or not you reside within the town or country, you can take the business and become successful in it.

10. Fish farming

This is slowly changing into one of the most productive businesses in Africa. As a result, a reasonable variety of individuals are embarking on the business like never before. Fish farming not only allows you to nourish fish for others, but you will also be the principal supplier of the fish in your soup for the whole year! It involves building ponds, tap or concrete lakes, fertilizing the lake, settling the fingerlings in comfortable water, and nourishing them until they’re developed enough for trading. Catfish farming is the most popular fish farming in Nigeria.

You can begin this business on a little scale with just 10k by establishing your fish pond using a 1000 litre open plastic container.

You don’t need to break the bank to start a business that will sustain you and your lifestyle, make that extra 10k work for you.

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