Thursday, February 22, 2024

Quiz: Only Certified 30BG Fans Can Identify 11/15 Artistes Davido Has Featured With


Davido is undoubtedly a big musician and the 30BG fans will agree strongly while others will want to do strong head but facts remain facts.

Back to back hits with numerous features till date and still blowing up the music industry. Man is standing strong and can never go tired, we can’t help but love our Elemi 9+.

His biggest motto is “we rise by lifting others” and through that he has also been lifted. As a true Davido fan you have to be able to score 11/15 in this quiz to show that you understand this motto and how it has given us several hit songs.

Here are 15 songs Davido has featured people in and he has been featured in too. Who are the other artistes?

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