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7 Things We Can’t Try With Our Nigerian Fathers


Nigerian Fathers are really funny and amazing, but not dramatic, definitely, like Nigerian mothers. In every Nigerian home, even if the father is the most lenient, every child fears their father more than they fear their mother. I think it’s just inbuilt fear.

In a bid to celebrate every fathers in the world, we have brought 9 things you can’t try with Nigerian Fathers.

1. Changing The Channel Even Though He Has Slept

When your Nigerian father is asleep, don’t you dare change the channel, because his instincts will wake him and his cool thick voice will say “return the channel to NTA”. He then sleeps back, is that not juju?

2. Talking Back While He’s Talking

My dear, this is Nigeria, forget what you see in movies, except you’re from an English home, don’t try to talk back while he’s still talking. Do you have another father elsewhere? If you do, talk back when he’s talking, if you don’t, you keep mute till he talks finish even if you must talk and defend yourself, make sure he’s done talking.

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3. Looking At His Eyes While He’s Talking

A Nigerian father is talking to you about something you did wrong and you are looking at him directly in his eyes while he’s talking, do you care for dirty slaps, you avoid eye contacts as much as you can when they’re mad at you.

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4. Trying To Give Them Advice Without Asking Them

Boy! try to give correction without them asking you or pointing and pouting your mouth to correct their errors carelessly, is an ultimate disrespect to a Nigerian Father and you would likely get you reprimanded.

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5. Forgetting Assigned Tasks

Most Nigerian Fathers don’t tolerate children deliberately or accidentally forgetting the tasks or instructions given to their wards, it’s the highest level of disrespect.

6. Walking Away When They Are Still Talking

How dare you! Who born you, don’t try to express your anger that way to any Nigerian Father because they will serve you the best beating of your dear life. No, not one Nigerian Father will tolerate that.

7. Carelessly Bringing Visitors Against Their Volition To Their House

Not you daring to bring in a guest without seeking permission and to make it worse, it is someone of the opposite sex.

All these contribute to the beautiful memories we have with our fathers and we are grateful for them. Today we honour fatherhood, paternal bonds and father-like figures in our lives.

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