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10 Types Of BBN Viewers We Come Across Every Season


Big Brother Naija is one of the most popular and most watched show among the indomie & Gen Z generation. BBN is no doubt the only show that can make the great “Soro soke” generation forget about the economy situation of the country.

Over the years Big Brother Naija has given its viewers interesting, dramatic & epic seasons which made a lot of viewers love the show and always eager to tune in to the channel. Below we have some of these Big Brother Naija viewers in every season and you can’t miss them;

1. The underage:

Though the show says PG 18 but they don’t follow the rule. Well probably the world is over-civilized and these underage kids watch BBN without parent guidance.

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2. BBN Professors :

Just like we go to school and study a course and rather become a professional in what we went to study. This set of people explains the show like a professor in the BBN university lecturing the BBN course , infact they understand the show more than biggie & Ebuka . They can be very hard to argue with because they will surely w

3. The BBN WhatsApp Broadcaster:

They only become a WhatsApp TV owner anytime BBN is going on. They really have the time to broadcast every scene and are always feeling like Big brother junior.

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4. The Night Crawlers :

While everyone is asleep enjoying the dreamland, that’s when they tune in the show. Not for nothing though, they stay awake to check if anyone is giving and receiving “Gbola” when everyone else in the BBN house is in bed.

5. PhotoTelegraphy:

They can snap their TV multiple times anytime the BBN show is going on. Emmanuel, we know you have a TV so rest! Even if they pay their friend a visit they will take pictures of the tv while the show is on.

6. The critics:

These ones are always looking out for every opportunity to criticize, African parents majorly fall into this category . You will always hear comments like “what is this one wearing ?” , ” shey this girl has parent at home like this” ,

7. The serious citizens of Nigeria

These ones carry the whole of Nigeria’s problem on their head, You will always find this type of people in every BBN viewing center, they are always there to abuse the show organizers, people watching the show, and the housemates. They will remind you of how $1 = 710 and you are here watching BBN . They would rant about how people are distracted by watching the show.

8. The Religious folks

These ones will tell you how BBN is linked to the end time and how the devil is using it as a tool to destroy people’s lives, They would even quote verses from the Bible & Quran to support their claims . They aren’t always available when housemates are involved in intellectual & innovative activities, they only show up when they are doing bad things and begin to preach.

9. The Club Geng

This set of people aren’t really interested in the show, in fact, they don’t know the housemates’ names but you see that Saturday night party they would never miss it for anything . In fact this set people would prepare shayo(alcohol) and are ready to enjoy the life of their head.

10. The Twitter Geng

We don’t even know if these people don’t have TV in their house or just choose to watch the show from Twitter. This set of people follow up the show majorly on Twitter from beginning to end and have never for once watched it on TV, Funny enough they even know more than people watching the show on TV .

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