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Soro Soke: How Jackie Aina Turned The EndSARS Mantra To A Fragrant Candle


Jackie Aina, A Nigerian-American woman influencer in the cosmetic industry have been lashed and seriously critized on Twitter. This is after she caused a stir online, by releasing a collection of candles, she named Soro Soke. The four candles set ‘The Owambe Collection’ are in four fragrances namely SòròSókè, No Wahala, Soft Life and Spice of Life. The fragrance with the name ‘Soro Soke’ has been criticized by Nigerians.

Soro Soke. Does that name ring a bell? Soro Soke, Do you remember the event that bought up the slang? Soro Soke, do you remember the bloodshed when the slang was being used? Everyone, knows the slang, why it was coined and used by Nigerians. Soro Soke is a reminiscent of the darkened time in Nigeria’s history. It was coined during the EndSARS protest, when Nigerians came out to protest against police brutality. SoroSoke meaning speak up or speak louder, was used by youths and every other Nigerians that came out to protest. Lekki Toll-gate was the converging point and the space where the protesters stood to protest. It was going well until the government decided to cause violence by inflicting injury on the protesters. You know just what followed – the arrest and death of some protesters. October 10, 2020 was a traumatizing memory for many youths and every year, those who lost their lives are still remembered. 

This agonizing event that happened in October 2020 was what brought up the name, Soro Soke. Since then, the world has not been used like before until Jackie Aina caused a stir online yesterday. Many people believe that she naming the candles Sòrò Sókè means that she is trivializing the lives that were lost.

Below are the reactions from Twitter users after Jackie’s actions

There are mistakes we must avoid to make as humans. People might say no one can be perfect but we must all work towards doing what is right. Jackie Aina made some grievous mistakes that Nigerians could not ignore. Twitter Users have criticized her for making the following mistakes:

1. Jackie Aina neglected the word’s context

  Jackie Aina is a Nigerian-American lady and she surely knows about the EndSars protest and how it was a sad moment for Nigerians. It’s quite disheartening that she forgot the word’s context, and used it for her product. Scented candles are meant to give a comforting relief. All that happened at the EndSarsprotest brought Nigerians, pain, grief and misery. She could have thought Soro Soke was just a popping slang or trend but had forgotten making research on why the word was coined. A white woman had been dragged for once naming her book ‘SoroSoke’. Where was Jackie Aina when all this happened? It is necessary that you recognize a word’s context, make research on it before you consider using it all .

2. She was more interested in marketing and selling off her candles

     Twitter users cited that Jackie was so interested in marketing and selling off her scented candles. Because of this drive and enthusiasm, she forgot the importance of making right decisions. The scented candle was a nice decision, the other names was a nice decision but the scented candle she named Soro-Soke was a bad idea. Although she was trying to be different and to showcase that she knew about what being a Nigerian is but she failed at it.

3. Jackie Aina was more interested in getting audience’s attention

   People would do anything to be famous online. Many Twitter Users have accused Jackie Aina of using her action to get attention. She did got attention from Nigerians who seriously backlashed her for her bad decision. Nigerians are tough people and people who will always speak up and not ignore important things that needs attention. Jackie has been accused of only promoting Nigerian culture only when it is convenient for her, for profit. After the backlash, Jackie Aina further pulled the SoroSoke candles off ForeverMood and Sephora websites. She has apologized on YouTube and IG for her actions.

However, Nigerians are still upset with her actions as this kind of situation keeps occurring. First it was the white woman that named her book Soro Soke. It was rumored that a brand also named their mascara Soro Soke and now, Jackie Aina too. To Nigerians, the word is sacred and must always be revered. Those who lost their lives are forever remembered and should be seen revered like heroes. What do you think about this occurrence?Drop your views below!

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