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If Time Fly, What Does Dreaming Do ?


I always reminisced about the good old days when I always heard the expression time flies as kid from my parents.  Or they would say time flies when they realize it’s me and my brother’s birthday again. As we are no longer kids they and easily reminded of that when we are drinking a beverage that is a little harsher to the tongue than apple Juice. We all laugh at the same jokes or moments when I come by the house and ask for that cup of coffee just to keep my eyes awake as they do for themselves.


If Time Fly, What Does Dreaming Do ?
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Time might fly but I believe dreams give us those moments to slow it down. To dream in your sleep or out loud is to have a vision or perhaps a quest to live deeper, love deeper, comprehend things in their depth to place uncomprehending situations in this simplistic thing we call a language. Maybe dreams are those moments when nothing is wrong it’s all just pure bliss. Maybe bliss is the dream to have those moments every day where you think of the unimaginable and they become imaginable. When you are connected to everything and everyone around you that make your time on earth worth it.

Dreaming is an unrestricted exploration of our lives. We’ve all heard the expression “the sky’s the limit.” and it is true. But you’ll never reach the stars if you don’t dare to dream. We’ve gotten so far away from the magic that we’ve lost access to any directions in which we can expand. Your dream’s purpose includes pointing you in the right direction. It will assist you in knowing what to do in each moment and making choices that will move you closer to your goal. It is intended to assist you in your development journey.

That’s a dream I believe we can all get behind. Bliss is the antidote to slowing down time…” If you can dream it, you can achieve it”. we would like to hear your feedbacks in comment sections.

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